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Pine Tree Middle School, Junior High robotics teams bring home awards

Pine Tree Middle School, Junior High robotics teams bring home awards
Pine Tree ISD
The School Yard
Thursday, October 31, 2013 - 3:34pm

Students from two Pine Tree campuses brought home trophies at the Region VII Robotics competition on Tuesday, Oct. 29, 2013 in Lufkin, Texas.

Five student teams formed the award winning, Pine Tree Middle School Robotics Team, who received recognitions.

Their awards included:

  • 1st in Overall Points (trophy)
  • 2nd in Engineering Points (trophy)
  • Robotics Notebook recognition
  • Journaling recognition

Even though student teams earned separate awards, Tege Millikin and Jon Carter, both instructors for the Robotics team, stated how proud they were of their students' efforts and how equally proud they were to represent Pine Tree ISD and Pine Tree Middle School. They noted that all students on the PTMS team are responsible for the awards.

"The awards and recognitions our team took home today are the result of the collaborative efforts of the entire team during the course of the school year," said Millikin. "Our students are continually questioning and digging deeper to understand relevant concepts, while applying the important skills of teamwork and innovation."

The Junior High Robotics class also traveled to Lufkin on Tuesday for the fall competition. The Junior High teams brought home two trophies.

A first place Engineer's Choice trophy came home with "Wilderness Explorers" members: Jayden Randall and BJ Ray. This team also earned the award for having a top ten best Robotics Notebook.

Second place Engineer's Choice trophy was awarded to the "Gold Miners" team, whose members are Gage Ellis and Shawn Naseiro. This team also received an award for top five team, for table points, and an award for top ten best Robotics Notebook.

Honorable mention, Engineer's Choice award and top ten best Robotics Notebook, was earned by the "The Lone Rangers" team, whose members are Zane Randall and Porter Rossow.

The notebooks include a written journal of the process for programming and building that occurred before the meet. Students also researched and wrote a paper on Yellowstone National Park in preparation for the competition.

"I am so proud of our students! They demonstrated hard work and excellent engineer skills," said instructor Donna Jones from the Junior High. "Please help me congratulate all of our teams for their achievements."

Dr. TJ Farler, Superintendent of PTISD Schools, said the robotics classes provide a good example of how the district is encouraging students to prepare for a career in the 21st Century.

"As we prepare students for their future, we know they will need skills in math and science and the ability to collaborate with a team. These critical skills are certainly developed with robotics projects. We are so proud of the efforts of our students and their teachers."

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