The science of sagging: Longview group takes on popular trend

The science of sagging: Longview group takes on popular trend
Michael Cavazos, The Longview News Journal
Sunday, March 11, 2012 - 5:16pm

What started as a way to identify a prisoner as the “property” of another prisoner became a trend. According to, sagging, or wearing pants below the waistline, inches lower than they are made to be worn, started in prisons so that a “master” prisoner could more easily access his “property.”

Many people have expressed disgust with this trend, and members of the group Longview Community Men are among those people. The group is having a meeting Tuesday to teach other like-minded residents how to approach people who are sagging and open a dialogue.

“We aren’t encouraging people to be offensive on any level,” said Branden Johnson, a member of Longview Community Men. “Yes, I do find sagging offensive, but if we are offensive to the people who are sagging, they aren’t going to listen.

“There are ways to communicate effectively, respectfully. We’re asking them not to (wear sagging pants) out of respect; but if we aren’t respectful, we are not going to get respect. This meeting is about teaching this effective, respectful communication.”

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