The Two Parties Look Toward 2010

POSTED: Monday, November 30, 2009 - 10:14pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 11:06am

Each has a different problem...

As 2010 fast approaches, believe it or not, we’re thinking about another upcoming election.

But new public opinion polls show that both parties have their own problems in this off-year vote.

If you’re a Democrat there is an enthusiasm gap. But if you’re a Republican, it’s not a problem of enthusiasm, it’s a matter of for whom…

For Republicans, the headline in the Washington Post says it all…”a party both united and divided.”

A new poll conducted by the newspaper finds that, not surprisingly, republicans are fairly united in their unhappiness with policy prescriptions coming out of washington.

“I think the base is very upset and basically very fearful of what’s happening under Obama, and I don’t think the republican representatives are taking enough of a stand,” says Smith County party chairman Ashton Oravetz, who agrees that the base is unhappy, they just can’t decide who is best to lead the party.

“I think the national leadership and to some extent, the state leadership,” Oravetz says, “does not get the fact that they have to become very conservative.”

The poll taken during the whirlwind Sarah Palin book tour, giver her the lead among party representatives, but with less than 20% of the GOP.
Only 1% saw George W. Bush as the party representative, and only one person of the 1300 polled named Dick Cheney.

“The only reason McCain got as much as he did was Palin,” Oravetz contends. “They say Palin hurt him, well I couldn’t get workers here. I couldn’t keep the headquarters open. Then he named Palin as Vice President. I had more workers and people got out and voted.”

But among Republicans, there was agreement on their goal, to retake at least part of the congressional seats lost in 2006.

And Oravetz says, those candidates had better be conservative. “If they don’t go conservative their not going to get the vote out that they think they’re going to get.”

For Democrats, a new poll by the liberal Daily Kos website cites a different problem… enthusiasm…

A survey of 2400 Americans found that up to 40% of self-identified Democratic voters say they will sit out next year’s elections.

Republicans were more than 3-times more likely to pull a lever in 2010.

Smith County Democratic party chairman David Henderson was out of town today, and was unavailable for comment.

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