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Monday, December 22, 2014 - 1:31pm

Thief takes million in goods from Texas woman's 3-story closet

Monday, August 4, 2014 - 11:36am

A Texas socialite's lavish three-story closet was burglarized Friday night. The thief nabbed three Birkin bags worth $60,000 each and then filled those purses with even more expensive jewels.

The homeowner said she belives the bandit was a professional because he used a glass cutter.

Whomever broke into businesswoman Theresa Roemer's house knew exactly what they were doing and exactly where to go. After taking out the glass in a downstairs restroom, the thief headed straight for Roemer's three story closet which is loaded with millions in jewels, bags, furs, shoes and clothing.

The thief took three Birkin travel bags worth 60,000 dollars a piece and filled each of them up with jewelry. It's a million dollar haul.

Roemer and her husband had gone out for a quick dinner about 9:30. She did not set the alarm or lock her closet.

"Normally, I keep this locked because this is my safe. If this would have been locked, it would have been much harder to break because this is an inch-and-a-half thick," said Roemer

One of her security cameras recorded the thief carefully covered head to toe in a jumpsuit, hoodie, mask and gloves. Roemer said the thief was inside the Woodland's mansion 40 minutes and Montgomery County authorities do not believe it was an inside job.

"They say it doesn't look like an inside job at all. they said it was very professional, like too professional," said the homeowner. "The police said it could have been somebody that, like I said, saw all the publicity, Google Earthed it, figured it all out, flew in here, who knows?"

Roemer and her famously lavish closet have been in the news lately because she hosts charity events in here. There is even a champagne bar. She has helped raise millions for places like Texas Children's Hospital and Child Legacy International.

Some of what was taken is irreplaceable.

"He took heirloom items that were passed to me from my husband's mother that has passed away," she said in tears. "I mean I don't care about all this crap. I really don't care about this crap. I care about the stuff that was passed to me."

And she said the feeling of violation victims have cuts across all income levels.

"No one deserves this. I don't care if you're wealthy. I don't care if you're poor. your personal belongings are your personal belongings," said Roemer.

Authorities have no suspects yet.

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