Those with unpaid tolls will face consequences from TxDot


POSTED: Wednesday, October 16, 2013 - 9:29pm

UPDATED: Sunday, October 20, 2013 - 3:10pm

More than 28,000 Texas drivers had until noon Wednesday to cough up their money for unpaid tolls.

Violators had until noon to call the TxTag customer service line to pay their tolls or make payment arrangements.

For any offender with 100 or more unpaid tolls who didn't make a payment today, TxDot will release their names and cities to the media and post their name and information on their website

TxDot plans on collecting $27 million in unpaid tolls.

And East Texans agree, violators need to cough up the money they owe.

"They should pay."

"If they use the toll, they should pay. Whatever it takes to get them to pay that's what should happen."

"It's not fair for us to use a toll road that pay all the time and others use the toll road and not pay," said TxDot spokesperson Helena Wright.

Wright said they will give law enforcement a list of license plates and car descriptions.

"The vehicles that have been recognized as habitual violators who continue to travel on the toll road will be pulled over."

And if these drivers are caught, their car can be impounded.

They can also be denied renewing their car registration.

"It's essentially stealing when you are driving through these tolls and your not paying them while other people are," said Wright.  

Wright said the toll fees pay for TxDot to maintain and repair their toll roads.

And they need these thousands of dollars in unpaid fees to keep the roads drivable.

"We want it to be fair, and we want to use those dollars to keep the toll roads safe."


Drivers with unpaid tolls are asked to call TxTag Customer Service at 1-888-468-9824.

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How can anyone rack up such high tolls. If this were a ticket for speeding you have a limited amount of time to pay. Just saying.

There are a few back stories here. 1.) 28,000 with 100 violations or more ... that's a hell of a lot of "shunpikers" How are tolls affecting your local economies? 2.) How rate making policy might provide for inflating components that are essentially inflation-proof. Is TxDot debt carried at a fixed rate? If so, that debt is inflation-proof.

Hello from Florida. Sending my love to the great state!

I think that we pay enough fees just to drive on all the other roads and highways and they are in terrible shape. Toll roads should be outlawed.

Sham billing practices. A class action suit should be filed against these crooks.

My big question is how much do out of state drivers owe in unpaid Toll's? It look like the way the system is set up out of state vehicles get more or less free use of Texas Toll Roads.

Then there are the rental, company, leased vehicles that are not registered in the drivers names.

It does look like a good system on the surface, but there are to many variables that cost Texas taxpayers millions, for the TexTag system to deal with..

On the surface the TexTag pay by mail seems like a good system. The reality is it is full of holes. Last spring I used some of the Toll roads in the DFW area. In some cases not by choice. When I did not receive anything from them I called, they said they sent a bill to me but I never received, even though I was watching for it. Anyway it cost me an additional $8.00 because it was past 30 days.

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