EXCLUSIVE: Concerned parent speaks out on PTISD issues

Gregg County Jail

POSTED: Wednesday, September 25, 2013 - 10:10pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 27, 2013 - 3:14pm

Sources tell KETK News, three Pine Tree football players were arrested this week, for possessing marijuana back in June.

KETK has also confirmed, all three players have been playing in every game for the Pirates this season.

According to records from the Longview Police Department and the Gregg County Sheriff's Office, on June 11th, police were called to Pine Tree High School, on suspicions of marijuana use.

In the report, four students were searched by school personnel, three of which were varsity football players, Robert Hines, Tyler Smith and Ladarius Fluellen, along with a female student.

The truck the four had ridden in, which was owned by the female's guardian and was parked on school property, was also searched, and reportedly smelled like pot, as did the clothes of the students.

Police found a Chik-fil-A box that contained two partially burnt blunts and, according to police reports, the students eyes were bloodshot and glazed over.

No arrests were made on scene, but the three were booked into the Gregg County Jail in the last few days. The three have since bonded out.

The three male students have played for the Pirates in the first three games of the season, and Fluellen was cited for possession in a drug free zone, the other two were just charged with possession.

According to police records, Smith was also booked on Monday for a stealing an iPhone back in May at a 7-on-7 football event at Kilgore High School. According to the Kilgore Police Department, Smith admitted to Kilgore police he did indeed steal the phone in hopes of getting a lighter sentence.

At 9:00 Wednesday morning, Pine Tree ISD released this statement concerning the situation:

"We have received and reviewed your inquiry, but it is our policy not to discuss information regarding students.  Because student information is protected by law, the school district is legally and ethically bound not to discuss situations such as in your inquiry.  Thank you for understanding."

.On Wednesday morning a parent from Lindale, who does not have students in Pine Tree ISD, told KETK she called the school district and was tranferred to an administrator.

She say, the administrator told her he could not discuss this issue with her since she was not a Pine Tree parent, but she said all she wanted to know was the school distroct's drug policy.

According to her, the administrator told her they did not know about this incident until the last few days.

In the Longview Police report, it states that school personel, including the High School principal was on scene when the students were being searched.

KETK contacted Pine Tree to ask if this was true, that this district did not know about this June incident, and was told the district would not confirm or deny these claims.

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I also recall in the late 90's The Lindale Independent School District board voted unanimously to ban many classics:"The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn," "To Kill a Mockingbird," "The Scarlet Letter" and "Moby Dick." These are actions by ADULTS. Kids make mistakes but is that "exclusive" worthy? Adults should no better. KETK should know better! Your witch hunt has placed you in the "RIDICULOUS" category with the rest of the mainstream media madness. Pathetic!

A "June" incident is an exclusive in September? Wow. I'm sure that all of us Pine Tree parents feel better knowing that a Lindale individual is so concerned about our drug policy. Yes. The policy that is posted ON-LINE. I've yet to see a PT person speak about Lindale ISD, a Texas ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development), Regional affiliate. Their mission it is to place radical educators and pro-communist curricula into classrooms and that's well documented.

If they played in the first couple of games in this years football games, the team should be disqualified for the season. All games won should be forfeited especially if this all started back in June. Drugs are a serious deal and should have been handled back in June. This is very bad judgement by everyone involved.

Just shows that schools are all about sports, not education. They make lots of money from football, basketball, etc, games. All about the money.

No they should not be aloud to play. Are yall crazy. It was a school zone...it was for drugs... you are telling everyone that it is ok and that the kids can do what they want when they want to with no consequences. WAKE UP PEOPLE....

No they should not be playing. they should be in Juvey.... What is wrong with you people. they got caught with drugs. You are saying that this is ok to do and you can get away with it. IT IS A SCHOOL ZONE. WHY WOULD THEY GET AWAY WITH IT AND OTHERS GET BUSTED.... js

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