TIMELINE: Plane crash in Lake Palestine


POSTED: Friday, February 10, 2012 - 6:17pm

UPDATED: Friday, February 10, 2012 - 6:21pm

This afternoon, KETK has gone back, sifted through the facts, made phone-calls and even obtained some new information in coming up with a comprehensive timeline for you on this plane crash.

Officials tell us 85-year-old Fred Scholz's plane is based out of Aero States Airport -- sort of an airplane community in Frankston with a strip right off of Lake Palestine.

Judging by the time it takes to make the 14 mile trip from Frankston to the Cherokee County Airport, Scholz must have left Frankston a little after 10 Wednesday morning.

We are told he was getting fuel from the Cherokee County Airport.

Cherokee County Judge Chris Davis tell us the airport recorded that Scholz arrived at 10:35 on Wednesday morning.

Refueled at 10:45.

And took off for Frankston no later than 11 that morning.

The Cherokee County Airport records that Scholz' wife called them at around 5 PM wondering where he was -- because he hadn't come home yet.

And the Henderson County Sheriff's office reports they recieved the missing person call at 8:30 that night -- the Civil Air Patrol told them to start searching the lake.

And finally, the Henderson county lake patrol unit and game warden found the plane at 5:20 early Thursday morning.  They found it to be in Anderson County jurisdiction, so they turned it over to them.

There are some conflicting reports here.  The Civil Air Patrol reports Scholz called his family at around 5:40 that afternoon --- meaning he must have done his flying later in the afternoon -- but regardless -- we do know he just didn't make it back when ever it was he took off.

We are also told that at around 4 PM yesterday, the FAA shut down the fuel pumps at the Cherokee County airport to run tests on the fuel.

Officials tell us that's just standard procedure after something like this happens.

We're told the pumps checked out fine and they are still selling fuel.

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