'Tis the season for pollen, more warm temps to come


POSTED: Saturday, March 22, 2014 - 4:25pm

UPDATED: Sunday, March 23, 2014 - 6:00am

Spring comes pollen and with recent wet weather pollen counts may not have been high, but that will soon change. There's nothing like spring weather, it's a season for flowers to bloom, bees to buzz and unfortunately allergies to act up, and the pollen is here.

Experts at Breedlove in Tyler say, pollen's a good thing and what east texans will see is wind pollination not bee pollination. "That's the microscopic type of pollen that's in the air, that people breathe and causes sinus problems," said Paul Breedlove, Owner of Breedlove Nursey and Landscape.

Breedlove says, because of the weather patterns in march we're seeing a delay in blooming therefore less pollen. "Once a flower gets opened up and it's doing its thing then all of that pollen is going to be released or become available to the bees."

Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell says the pollen count in East Texas is moderate. He tells us, we should expect the pollen count to increase soon. "With that the winds will begin to increase a little bit more which is a cause for pollen, temperatures will begin to increase and that heat creates pollen and it creates different types of tree pollen and molds as well and grass pollen to develop here in East Texas," said KETK Meteorologist Marcus Bagwell.

Right now, Breedlove is seeing more bees and that's a good sign. "It's an essential process in the life of the plant for the reproduction." We're told beautiful spring days in East Texas comes with a price.


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