TISD approves hire of safety center

POSTED: Tuesday, October 6, 2009 - 2:23pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 2:49am

TYLER— At a board meeting Monday night, Tyler Independent School District decided to hire the Texas School Safety Center to train the district on analyzing its own safety needs.

Security concerns circulated the district after the on-campus stabbing death of a John Tyler High School teacher.

Billy Jacobs of the Texas School Safety Center says it's important to note TxSSC is not a security organization. They will not provide security officers on TISD campuses.

And unlike a private security firm, the TxSSC is free.

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Who is going to protect students and teachers from the short sighted heads at TISD who simply assign students to special
ed. classes but are too lazy to get them the help they really need;
the boy who did the stabbing was apparently already diagnosed
with serious mental health problems and had no business being in a public school with otjer students and teachers putting them at
grave and entirely predictable risk. This death was totally
preventable. TISD is totally responsible for their lack of proper
decision and insight which brought this boy onto this campus and into this classroom where he clearly did not belong.
When are our educators going to really look at their troubled
students and their needs. Only then will our students and teachers
be safe in the hands of the TISD.

We still need them to identify all students who are suffering from severe mental illness and get them proper treatment OFF

No amount of security guards can suffficiently protect our
students and teachers from these ill children who are sadly
in need of different assignment.

TISD is not a safe place because of the presence of these
troubled children whom we are neglecting....
it was too esy to just assign them to special ed and close their eyes to the reality of the situation.
Had this been done a lovely teacher would be alive today!!

This esson should have been learned at the time of the Virginia
Tech killings.
Well, who is next?
How many attacks will it take before these troubled children
are identified and helped ???

I'll bet there are at least a dozen such students in our system
known to the teachers and counselors right now.
Let us put our heads together and identify and help them
while they can still be helped...
I am disgusted with TISD. PGK

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