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Toddler ping-pongs between families in adoption dispute

POSTED: Friday, January 9, 2009 - 9:10pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, March 17, 2010 - 12:00pm

GRAND ISLAND, NB - For the past year it has been back and forth for one baby boy in Nebraska, bounced from one family to another in a fight over custody.

23-year-old Megan Morgan gave up her child for adoption in 2007.

She got the baby back three months later.

Now a court ruling has forced her to return the child to his adoptive parents.

On Thursday Megan Morgan left her 14-month-old son Brett at Grand Island's Children's Home Society.

"She gave up the child with exact specific conditions," said Morgan family attorney P. Stephen Potter.

Those conditions were that Brett be placed in a home where he would be an only child.

When she found out Angela Vesely, the child's adoptive mother was pregnant she asked the baby be returned to her.

He was returned and has been under the custody of Morgan for nearly a year.

"He is right at that age where security and bonding and familiarity, he has been 11 months with his maternal grandparents and his mother," said Potter.

After the Supreme Court ordered Megan returned Brett to the Children's home the Vesely's attorneys released this statement saying:

"The Nebraska Supreme Court has reviewed all of the evidence in this proceeding and has determined it is in Baby Morgan's best interest that his physical custody be placed with Jason and Angela Vesely."

The Morgans disagree.

"I think the concern needs to be and I would ask the Vesley's think about the child," said Potter.

Morgan left in tears Thursday night and declined to speak to reporters.

"There is some anger and as you can imagine that does not do anyone any good," said Potter.

The Vesleys renamed the child Morgan when he was in their custody.

They live in Northeast Nebraska.

The baby's birth father passed away.

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