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Toddler shot at local bar


POSTED: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 - 5:28pm

UPDATED: Friday, September 17, 2010 - 7:48pm

TYLER - The Smith County Sheriff's Department says they responded to a shooting at a local sports bar just after noon Wednesday.  Police say a toddler was at the bar with the owner, the tot's grandmother, when the two year old wandered into the back room, climbed upon a desk and reached for a handgun shooting itself in the head.  The child was immediately transported to the Dallas Children's Hospital via helicopter and is listed in critical condition at this time.


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I read that people are asking where is the Mother. She is AT the hospital caring for her injured child. The pictures online are not at the hospital is probably why Mom isn't in them. She doesn't want to remember this tragedy. She hasn't been interviewed, but she loves her child and she wishes that she had been listened to, so this would not have happened. She knows better than anyone that this certainly wasn't meant to happen, but when you are responsible for a child, you think of their safety.

Father of this child also knew his nephew when he was about 3 or 4 years old fell in the club owned by these people "Teasers" about 10 to 12 feet onto concrete floor. Guess he wasn't hurt! CPS has too much power or Judges take it for granted that they know what they are doing. No, they presented statements to Judge Clark with false accusations. Statements that were not spoken. How Can she render a just decison. They are making a mockery of her which is totally unfair to her. That is just my opin

These took toddler to bar often, anything could have happened and finally something did. CPS was as involved in this tradgey as was the father, and grandparents. CPS kept important information from Judge Clark, so her decision would go in favor of their recommendation as well as the atty Michael Hogan. The Mother never harmed her child as same with father, but she suffered being without her child annd Dad didn't. He knew that his son was taken to the bar.

No one is paying any kind of price for the injury or suffering to this child. I guess Mr Hogan carries alot of weight. Father still keeps custody of child, even though he left his son in the care of people that he knew went to the bar they own. Mom had her child taken from her for calling police on the man that injured her son and called 911 for her son. What is wrong with this picture? Can you buy justice in your favor if you have the bucks? This is an outrage for anyone coming to live in Tyle

This isn't all the truth. Child Protective Services recommended this toddler be with these people. Even though they,CPS, were told that these people were felons, had criminal backgrouds and were neglient,they still recommended them. The Mother suffered one year without her child FOR NO REASON. She did nothing to her child, just as the father was at work. Difference is he had Michael Hogan as atty, she had Sinclaire. Mr Hogan has CPS in his pocket. Father of this child knew Mom and Dad took baby.

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