Toll 49 bike lane does not pass

Toll 49 bike lane does not pass

POSTED: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 - 9:30am

UPDATED: Tuesday, September 17, 2013 - 11:49am

In a vote on Tuesday, the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority voted to not put bike lanes on Toll 49.

It's a disappointing decision for the Tyler Bicycle Club, especially since they raised the funds needed to move forward.

According to members of the club, the bike lane proposal was voted down by just a 7 to 6 margin.

The group had also been required to raise $65,000 to pay for the lane, and according to the club, they raised $100,000.

Laurie Simpson, club member, says this will force bikers to ride down county roads, which she says is more dangerous than on the highways, since many times, vehicles can't see them.

But after this decision, they are still weighing their options.

"It was sad, we had hoped to win but we didn't but there is supposed to be an alternative path that's beside, kind of like a service road possibly, there's about a fifty-fifty chance that we could get that" says Simpson.

Simpson says when it comes to the $100,000 the club raised, it may go towards the proposed bike path, or it may be returned to the donors, nothing has been decided at this point.

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Bicycles belong on the sidewalk not the streets, looks like as many people that have been hit and even killed they could figure that out. Guess they are not the brightest people you would ever meet.

Look at how may people are killed on motorcycles. Car and motorcycles don't mix. I guess they are just not that smart are they.

I was driving on loop 49 on July 9th and there were cyclists who were riding close to the line and caused the traffic to slow down rapidly. On a toll road with speeds posted at 70mph there is no way cyclists should be allowed

Paid my toll bill three times to three different companies...sham billing

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