Toll 49 helping businesses thrive


POSTED: Monday, May 13, 2013 - 7:18pm

UPDATED: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 - 5:24am

We've been told Toll 49 has been a positive addition to East Texas.

The goal of the new toll road was to alleviate traffic congestion in Tyler.

Gary Halbrooks, Vice Chairman of the Northeast Texas Regional Mobility Authority, says drivers can cut driving time by 30 minutes by using the toll road.

"It's proven itself to get you from point A to point B faster with a lot less headache," said Halbrooks.

Halbrooks also says the tollway will create an economic boost for businesses around it.

"We've said often over the years this will be the one of the largest generators probably over a quarter of a century to a century to our part of the world."

Section 3B, which connects to interstate 20, cuts right through the city of Noonday.

Residents were concerned the tollway would cause unwanted traffic in their town.

But instead, it's opening has brought more business into the area.

Vivian Turman is a vendor at our little corner antique store off of 155.

Lately, a lot of her customers say they've been traveling on 49 and wanted to stop in to take a look.

"It has helped the business and I know some of the larger trucks are coming through but that's alright too because their bringing business also," said Turman.

The tollway also helps small vendors like Jimmy Donahue.

Donahue has an onion stand right next to the road.

He says more and more people have been stopping by since the road's opening.

"Ya we've been busy for the last three weeks. People stop in and buy produce and different things" said Donahue.

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Driving 49 is a pleasure, it's surface is as smooth as glass, but trying to pay a bill with TXDOT is one big pain in the .....!

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