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POSTED: Monday, February 20, 2012 - 4:24pm

UPDATED: Friday, April 27, 2012 - 8:45am

Last Fall, we told you about the victory of a young man from East Texas, who was the winner of a competition to find the best marksman in the country.

But this young man was unlike the other competitors in several important ways.

The program is called Top Shot.

The History Channel set out to find just that, the best all around shot in the country.

The competition included former military, ex-Navy Seals, cops, professional shooters, FBI and Homeland Security officers.

But the winner was unexpected.

His name is Dustin Ellerman. He runs a Christian summer camp near Zavalla, Texas.
It has been quite a year for Dustin Ellerman. Being named the best marksman in the country is pretty heady stuff.

As we tape this, he is heading for Las Vegas tomorrow for a big shooting trade show.

But this is what he returns to, this is what keeps him grounded…his Christian summer camp for kids, called "In His Name."

The camp sits on several acres in the Angelina National Forest, hard by Lake Sam Rayburn.

And though he could have done a lot with the instant fame the Top Shot victory brought him, Dustin has been choosy about speaking engagements and endorsements.

When we originally talked to Dustin about the possibility of winning $100,000, on Top shot, he said that money would go toward a house for his family, get him out of the double-wide they’re living in now.
There is a new chapel for the camp, and some very cool dormitories. But there are old mismatched buildings, and lots of work to be done.

We couldn't leave the camp without a little shooting from the champ, who hit small metal targets 110 yards away with a .22 pistol.

He even gave an amateur marksman some pointers.

Then we did what they do on Top Shot…threw him a curve in the form of a 113-year-old Smith and Wesson .38.

For Dustin, that's not a curve, it's just another way to have a blast.

Shooting may be his passion, but his love is the ministry and his camp.

And whatever his 15 minutes in the spotlight brings, and however much he is rewarded…this is where it will go.

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