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Tough economy, more children in Texas foster care

Tough economy, more children in Texas foster care

POSTED: Friday, May 14, 2010 - 1:34pm

UPDATED: Friday, May 14, 2010 - 2:30pm

More children are ending up in foster care in Texas.

Department of Family and Protective Services Commissioner Anne Heiligenstein on Thursday told lawmakers that Texas will try to persuade more relatives of abused and neglected children to take the youngsters.

She says a federally backed program, starting Sept. 1, will pay relatives, who agree to be licensed as foster parents, to care for the youths.

Child Protective Services spokesman Patrick Crimmins says Texas in January paid for foster care for 15,696 children.

The state had budgeted for 14,586 youths. Child welfare authorities partly attribute the increase to
families strained by the recession.Heiligenstein told the House Human Services Committee that about
500 Texas children have been in foster care for at least a decade.

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Well, there you go. I was once a foster child.
In and out of foster homes for a number of years. No one in the family was fit for helping. However, what made the foster system so nice to me was that it was mandatory that children be taken to church every Sunday. That was the best advice ever. Christianity has a leavening effect that state agencies don't. It helps tremendously in stopping the cycle of drinking, drugs etc. I have seen it all.

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