Town Hall meeting held for Texas education


POSTED: Saturday, April 13, 2013 - 8:34pm

UPDATED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 9:49am

Teachers, parents, and concerned East Texans gathered at Lakeview Church of the Nazarene in Tyler for a Town Hall education meeting Saturday. Grassroots America in Tyler was asked to host the latest "Americans For Prosperity Foundation" education Town Hall meeting.

A panel of Texas'  forefront leaders in education have been making their way across Texas to inform and answer any of the public's concerns about  some of the state's problems in education. Panelists included Texas State Senator Dan Patrick,  Texas Legislature's TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee member Katrina Pearson, director for Americans for Prosperity Peggy Venable, as well as President of the Texas Christian Leadership Conference Reverend Kyev Tatum. 

The meeting addressed  the public's concern on key education issues such as charter schools, taxpayer savings grants, tax credit scholarships, C-SCOPE, school funding, and vocational education. JoAnn Fleming of Grass Roots America explains, "We're looking at legislation that does everything from reforming certain types of curriculum, to charter schools, and tax payer credits for children who cannot afford to go to private schools or other types of schools."

While a number of topics were discussed, Tea Party member Dr. Dwayne Collins says the topic on most East Texans minds was equal education. Dr.Collins explains, "A lot of people are able to move, to seek out those better districts that offer better education. We're able to send those kids to private schools but what happens to those inner city people. They're locked in. There's no place to go."

Panelists such as Senator Dan Patrick agreed saying, "Public education is not the model for every student. That's what we're talking about. Giving parents the ultimate choice as to where their child should go. Forty percent of students who are old enough to graduate are either not prepared, or don't graduate at all. If we don't lift them up that will bring Texas down in the long term, so this is good for those individual families but this is also what we need in Texas. We need people ready to go to college if they want but also ready for a career."

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I've got a great idea ! Let's get hundreds of school buses and bus the inner-city kids to the 'burbs that should "level the playing field". What's that you say, we've tried that already? The only way to improve education is to improve the teachers. If spending money were the secret, our kids would all be Einstein's.Give school boards the ability to fire a bad teacher (eliminate Unions that protect poor performance) and take half the money you spend on sports to hire teachers that teach the 3 R's

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