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Treasurer says Republican Committee in debt

Treasurer says Republican Committee in debt

POSTED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 11:12am

UPDATED: Wednesday, July 21, 2010 - 8:58pm

WASHINGTON - The Republican National Committee's treasurer says the GOP has millions in debt that wasn't disclosed and he is telling budget committee members that he was misled.

RNC Treasurer Randy Pullen amended the committee's Federal Election Commission reports to show some $3.3 million in debt for May and $3.8 million for June. The RNC, which had crowed about having zero debt, now has more than $2 million in debt, according to FEC reports filed Tuesday.

The financial reports highlight the split between RNC Chairman Michael Steele and Pullen. The latest revelations come as the party has been under fire for lavish spending.

Pullen's memo was first reported by The Washington Times.

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Here we go again. "I was misled." I want to ask a question of both Dems and Reps. Does anyone that is taking care of the money ever tell you, "Look, we do not have the money in the budget for this." Or, do you do what the federal government does and spend, borrow, tax, spend, borrow, tax ad infinitum?

My family has to LIVE WITHIN our means and if we don't have the money, we do without. Just as most Americans have to do.

Typical Republican policy spend spend spend. Look at how Bush drove our nations economy into deep debt. Look at how the Republicans of Texas have us 18 Billion in the hole and doubled our state debt.

Compared to Obamao and his cronies, the Republicans are spendthrift misers ! Obama's spending money like a drunken sailor on shore leave- only he's spending our money!

He has not cought up to the spending of Bush yet but at the rate he is going you are correct it will not take long.

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