Troup boxing gym trains top ranked fighter

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POSTED: Wednesday, August 7, 2013 - 5:44pm

UPDATED: Saturday, August 24, 2013 - 10:12am

Troup boxing gym is the training headquarters for a top ranked fighter. Kenneth Taylor, 22, originally from Kansas City Missouri, now lives in East Texas.

Taylor's family moved to Dallas a few years ago, after that he decided he wanted to move to East Texas to attend Tyler Junior College. After moving, Taylor found 'Troup boxing gym' and that's where he starting training.

There, his trainers Candice and Shawn Vascocu, turned him into a champion. Taylor just returned from the 13th annual ring-side world championship tournament in Missouri on Monday and he didn’t come home empty handed. Taylor is now ranted number two in the nation in his class. Coach Shawn Vascocu says, "He puts in the work and it paid off he's got him a national championship."

At the tournament Taylor went blow for blow against the in the boxing world. Taylor says he was always considered the "underdog" so it felt good to take home the belt. He says he gives of his thanks to god, "I'm going to treat this like I never won and stay humble and continue to thank God, because without him I wouldn't be in none of the situations that I'm in and I wouldn't have won at all," Taylor says.

Training is tough; a day in the life of Taylor is easy, Taylor says, "Our work outs are very tough and hard."

Shawn Vascocu says, he pushes him to be the best, "He runs six miles a day, he's here every day training in the gym two hours a day, three hours a day."

Taylor says he'll continue to train hard, to hopefully 'knock out' another win, and take the number one spot the next round. Taylor's next fight is coming up soon it's August 30th through September 3rd in Houston. There he'll be competing for another national title, and this time he hopes to take home a big gold ring to match his gold belt.

For more information about ‘Troup Boxing Gym’ or Kenneth Taylor, please call: 903-714-3750

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They have said that Canelo trains there for few months to be included in his preparation for his match entitled mayweather vs alvarez fight this September if I am not mistaken.

"Ranked", not "ranted". Edit needed.

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