Troup homeowners push back on possible liquor store moving in

Wednesday, July 20, 2011 - 10:45pm

TROUP - "You know I like a cold beer as well as anybody but, I don't want a liquor store in my front door."

Eudell Hamilton lives in Troup, and a recent move by a landowner next door is leaving him frosted.

"It's, it's just not right."

1007 South Georgia in Troup, a vacant building, is at the center of the controversy. With neighbors on both sides they say maybe the city should take another look before a liquor store moves so close into a residential area. KETK spoke with city officials who tell us the land owner is within his rights.

"We had elections in May, there were alcohol propositions included in the ballot and they passed."

The sign out front of the vacant business reads "specific use permit requested." Officials say that permit is what the landowner will need before he can move a single bottle of booze into the store. Hamilton isn't alone, his neighbor Richard Peck is also trying to get the city to deny the landowner the permit.

"Trash that I get in my yard from people throwing stuff out up and down, I don't want that here on this street."

Trash on the street is only part of the problem neighbors say, the other part is home value.

"If he was to put it in out there, I couldn't get a dollar and 98-cents for this place. I couldn't."

So where does that leave hamilton, well for now he says he will continue to fight.

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