Troup students taking care of rescued horses

Friday, September 23, 2011 - 10:10pm

A few months ago, there were 15 starving horses in a Troup field.

By the time they were rescued in late August, the group was down to 12.

Some died along the way...

Troup Animal Control tells KETK, the horses were eating wood off of 2x4's and the bark off of trees in order to survive.

After the city seized the horses, they called on Troup High School ag teacher Jessica Smith and her FFA students to help take care of the rescues.

Now, they're doing just fine at the Troup FFA stables.

"The kids have been able to give them affection everyday, going out to the farm and petting them, giving them some love, it just really has boosted their welfare," said Ag Teacher, Jessica Smith.

Smith tells KETK, veterinarians and other animal experts have come to talk to the students about caring for the horses and nursing them back to health.

Ag student Kaylie Byrd says she loves horses and already knows a lot about them...but she's still learned a lot over the last few weeks about caring for the rescues.

"We've learned a lot and I learned to tell the age of a horse the other day from the vet that came out and I didn't even know how to do that," Byrd said.

Troup Ag teacher Preston Lindsey says he's proud of the students.

"When you got there, these animals, you couldn't hardly even touch ' they can rub em', they've been brushing these animals, they've been going out there learning the responsibility of taking care of animals," Lindsey said.

The City of Troup tells KETK, a hearing is scheduled for next week to determine whether the horses will go back to the owner -- or if they can be adopted to good homes.

They believe they have a good case and adoption will most likely happen -- KETK will keep you updated on the decision next week.


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