Truckers from across nation driving to D.C. in support of Constitution

Truckers from across nation driving to D.C. in support of Constitution
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POSTED: Friday, October 11, 2013 - 11:43am

UPDATED: Saturday, October 12, 2013 - 4:47pm

A group of truckers from across the United States is organzing a rally to head to Washington, D.C., in support of the United States Constitution.

According to the group's website,, they are encouraging all bikers, cars, pickups, tractors and RV's to join in the rally.

The truckers say they are 100 percent fed up with the disregard ofthe supreme law of this land, the Constitution. 

The drivers are calling on a "Massive National Peaceful Disobedient March," stating they will come in peace but they are determined.

If you are interested in actively participting in the rally, the group has many ways you can support the movement:

  • Show up Friday morning, October 11, at the United State Capitol on Constitution Street, before the convoy gets there with signs concerning the Constitution or in support of the ride
  • Bring American flags and show your patriotism. If some want to bring the Ten Commandments to remind others of God’s laws, feel free to do so.
  • All Truckers, motorcycles, cars, pickup trucks, tractors and RV’s that want to participate in this ride will meet at the All-American Truck Plaza off I-95, exit 98 across from amusement park. Most will show up October 10. The event will start at 7:00 a.m., October 11. Please dress your ride up with constitutional related signs and/or American flags. Some people want to quote the Ten Commandments and we welcome you to do whatever the spirit moves you to do.
  • Also people with Ham radios and Hand Held CB’s will be needed for communication. All bikers are directed to Belinda Bee at
  • All truckers in this RIDE are directed to Earl Conlon at or
  • If you would like to participate in the overpasses to cheer on our constitutional riders, please join your state group to get the information of where they will be. The group will say closed, but join because most will say that. After joining the page, it will open to you at
  • If you would like to rally to your nearest rest area, Brett Backman with The Modern American Revolution, said he would work the rest areas and the overpasses in this event. If you want to start a rally in your area at a rest area please let them know, and they will post it at
  • Trucker, Earl Conlon, is calling on all truckers in their state capitols to rally at their capitols to show support. The group understands not everybody can afford the fuel to make the D.C. ride, but this is a united effort.
  • Drivers that are working are asked to please, at least, fly a flag and ride in convoy formation while on the interstate.
  • Their will be local TV from coast to coast filming this solidarity ride and event.

The group is accepting donations for fuel at and also selling merchandise at

Please contact Virgelyn Miller, who is in charge of the feeding stations for the rally at and also Stephanie King at

Fred’s Restaurant in Wheelersburg, Ohio, will be supporting the "Truckers Ride for the Constitution." Truckers traveling to D.C., October 11,12 and 13, can stop by and receive a free personal pan pizza, chips and a 20 ounce drink. You can access their site at


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Just think...peaceful vets are marching tomorrow in Washington...they stand to lose their stability, their support, if tea party anarchists get their way...those who have sacrificed so much for these truckers to gridlock the nation's capital...well, that's about right...tea party anarchists have brought the country to a stand-still, so hot-headed truckers can do the same to Washington streets. Just hope the Capital Police department has enough officers to keep order when angry truckers hit town

The government is disfuctional and they all must be fired, If we cant fire them come election we must make them unemployed from the government they help destroy. We need to shut washington dc down for weeks or months so they can not fuction. We are better off without them and lets dont forget that sorry president who is still campaining and destrying the american dream, He has a lot in common with Hitler....

Sure hope rew4946 doesn't rely on SS checks, Medicare or veteran's benefits...the tea anarchists are gunning for these programs and more, and vet benefit checks will stop on Nov. 1...some furloughed employees have or soon will receive their last paycheck, suppliers will have to lay off workers when they don't receive checks, the Treasury won't be able to pay the invoices for things the House has purchased, and it goes on and on...don't look for your SS or vet check, rew, and thank your tea rep!!

Help us get to DC for the one billion truckers for impeachment.

For those that support us, thank you! We have a meeting place in VA on the 10/11 at the Great American Truckstop. It is across the street from the big amusement park

Way to go Earl, you got my support.

I am in SW Florida. I want to help. What can I do?

Where is SW FL? anywhere near Ft Myers. We are going to do an Overpasses event at U.S 41 and Gladiolus in Ft Myers on the 12th to show solidarity with the truckers. 10:00 AM to Noon.


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