Trucks are the most stolen vehicles in Texas

Friday, July 11, 2014 - 4:46pm

The police have been getting the word out that July is "Watch Your Car" month.Tyler Police gave many tips on how to keep your car from being burglarized, but the East Texas Auto Theft Task Force have some other things they want East Texans to keep in mind.

It's not the car burglaries go up in the summer, its also car theft and the problems don't start and stop with your car being stolen. Thieves are gaining access to people's personal information because of what they are leaving in their cars. Detective Gary King says "we don't want people to be paranoid, just cautious". Detective King says you need to lock your doors and hide your valuables, but you also need to take the extra time to bring in your purse or wallet and to also check for weapons you may have left in your car.

Detective King spoke about a case involving a man whose truck was stolen. The truck was recovered, but the weapon inside of it wasn't. He says, "that's another gun on the streets in the hands of the bad guys". He also said to be hyper aware about not leaving children in hot vehicles, but to also not leave them unattended. He said, "car thieves have taken off in stolen vehicles with children in them".

Unfortunately, the most stolen vehicles in Texas are pickup trucks, more specifically the Ford F-150, especially in East Texas. "What's popular for citizens is popular for thieves and East Texas is truck country". Detective King says taking the steps to prevent your car from being burglarized will also help keep it from being stolen. Detective King told us 50 percent of the auto thefts last year had keys in the vehicle, so never leave keys in the vehicle. He also reminded us to be aware of little things. "If thieves steal your vehicle, they may have access to your identification in which case they have access to your address, social security number, and can use your garage door opener to get into your house. Take the extra precautions to be safe rather than sorry."

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