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Two East Texans make, film movie in hometown

Two East Texans make, film movie in hometown
Underneath Pictures, LLC

POSTED: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 8:16pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 24, 2013 - 8:17pm

Two East Texans in the film business made a movie together.

It's due to be released this summer, and they shot it around their old stomping grounds.

It may not be a big-budget, flashy Hollywood film, but producer/director Brian Jaynes, is OK with that.

"We're not gonna make any Academy Awards with what we do, so I'm under any delusions," Jaynes said. "But I think if you love one of my characters or hate one of my characters I've done my job."

Still, what he and his old high school buddy did isn't too shabby.

"It's kind of a science-fiction horror film about a couple that gets trapped in a cave," said David Wilson, a screenwriter. "They have to find their way out and they find out they are not alone."

Jaynes and Wilson both graduated from Lindale High School in the early eighties.

They went their separate ways after that, but almost three decades later, social media re-connected them.

"I said he was making movies and I wrote movies so we stayed in touch," Wilson said.

That's when "The Underneath" started coming to life.

Though Wilson now lives in New York, and Jaynes is back and forth between East Texas and Los Angeles, they decided to film the movie right at their roots.

"We shot in Mineloa and Lindale ... Just to see things I had written come to life, and be acted out was a thrill," Wilson said.

"I never would have guessed in my wildest imagination that this is how we would have reconnected," Jaynes said.

"The Underneath" will be released straight to DVD in July.

You will be able to buy it at Walmart, rent it at a Redbox, and watch it on cable.

For more information on the movie, visit their Facebook page:

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