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TX Dot has road safety tips for East Texans

TX Dot has road safety tips for East Texans
Monday, November 25, 2013 - 12:44pm

Texas Department of Transportation workers are out monitoring the roads.

As East Texans are heading out for their daily commute or Thanksgiving travel.

They need to keep "safety" in mind during this wet weather.

The roads and highways are wet all across East Texas.

So be careful, watch your speed, and be respectful of drivers.

Larry Krantz with TX Dot has some road safety tips for East Texans when they're behind the wheel.

"We may be out of the woods with ice and snow at least for the moment but this is a time to stay vigilant make sure you have plenty of time to get to your destination, stay free of distractions and keep that safe distance between you and all the vehicles around you not just the ones in front of you, but the ones to the side as well," says Larry Krantz, Public Information Officer, TX Dot Tyler Area.

TX Dot crews have been monitoring roads since Sunday evening when temperatures dropped to the mid-thirties.

Krantz tell us, no dangerous or icy road conditions have been reported.

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