TX teenager dead after being impaled by bull statue

TX teenager dead after being impaled by bull statue
Photo provided by NBC
Tuesday, June 25, 2013 - 1:40pm

A Texas teenager was killed over the weekend after a game of hide and seek went terribly wrong.

Miguel Leseberg died early Saturday morning after he tripped over a light on the ground and fell into a statue of a bull. When he lost his balance, the bull horn impaled him.

Miguel's mother, Judith Leseberg is now trying to cope with her loss.

Leseberg was out of town when she got the call early Saturday morning and it was a mother's worst nightmare.

"No mother expects this to happen to their child," says Leseberg. "No mother."

Miguel had been staying the night with his best friend when around 3:00 a.m. Jeremy's family and Miguel went for a walk that ended with a game of hide and seek.

It's a sight his friends will never forget and a moment that forever changed this mother's life.

Leseberg wishes every day her son would walk around the corner to talk to her, but she knows, in her heart, Miguel is not coming back.

And one of the only things bringing her comfort is seeing all the people who have come to support her son.

As people promised to never forget her loving son, Judith and her family have let go of anger and moved toward raising money to lay her son to rest.


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And where in in the heck is the statue? Did the reporter forget where it was?

Had to Google and find "Texas Tech University campus"!! Yes in Lubbock.

Must have fallen mighty hard.

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