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Tyler City Council approves, adopts Affordable Housing Task Force recommendations

Tyler City Council approves, adopts Affordable Housing Task Force recommendations
City of Tyler
Wednesday, December 11, 2013 - 1:24pm

Mayor Bass launched the Affordable Housing Task Force on April 2, 2013 with a goal to examine how the City may collaborate or partner with the private sector (primarily local builders, realtors, non-profits and lenders) to create more affordable housing opportunities.

The Task Force has met four times to discuss opportunities to grow the inventory of affordable housing options in the community. City Councilmembers Darryl Bowdre, Sam Mezayek, John Nix and Ed Moore also participated on the Task Force.

Today the City Council approved and adopted the Task Force’s recommendations to:

Waive all City development fees relating to affordable housing in the North End Revitalization area (as defined in Tyler 1st). This would include building permits, taps, platting, zoning and the meter activation fee. Affordable Housing would be defined as single family, attached and detached- R1, R-2, R1-D or a building of four or less multi-family units. The house or unit will be limited to 1600 square feet (or under) of heated and cooled space.

Remove the requirement of curb, gutter, and sidewalk improvements or escrow for infill affordable housing in the North End (as defined in Tyler 1st, same requirement as above, 1600 square feet or under). This would not apply to entirely new subdivisions, but would apply to existing lots on blocks without any curbs and gutters.

Continue to utilize the following existing programs:

  • Financial Literacy Programs (Partnerships with Tyler Junior College, PATH, and other non-profits)
  • HUD (CDBG funds) to improve infrastructure when funds available
  • Housing Infill Program (HIP)NEZ (Neighborhood Empowerment Zones)
  • Tax-Exempt Housing Finance Corporation.

“I am pleased to see these recommendations consistent with Tyler 1st principles coming to the City Council for approval,” said City Manager Mark McDaniel. “This is a great demonstration of how the Mayor’s task forces can make improvements to the quality of life for Tyler residents.”

All recommendations were presented to the Unified Development Code (UDC) Steering Committee, Developer’s Roundtable and the Planning and Zoning Commission with favorable comments. City Staff will review the waiver of fees annually and make recommendations of changes to City Council as needed.

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