Tyler ISD and college readiness

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 4:24pm

Tyler school trustees have decided to pull the bond issue from the November ballot.

We spoke with a Grassroots America-We The People representative who was at Monday's school board meeting. He said other problems need to be fixed before taxpayers are asked to shell out for money. A major problem is college readiness. 

According to 1997 data from the Texas College Performance Indicator System, 52% of college bound seniors from Robert E. Lee and 80% of college-bound seniors from John Tyler were judged, "not college ready."

In 2001, the Tyler Independent School District made a covenant with the community; it stated that by 2006 no TISD student will require college remediation in foundation

However, its 2012 and Rick Eisenbach from Grassroots America tells KETK that nearly 70% of seniors from John Tyler and 30% from Robert E. Lee are still not college ready.

Eisenbach says it is the moral obligation of the board trustess to fix the academic issues before building a new high school.

He said, "There are concerns about the teaching program, I believe its called C-scope, there's questions about how effective it is at getting kids prepared for freshman college."  He also said that if teachers are teaching to the test primarily than students are not prepared for what they are going to face in college.

On Monday, August 20th, TISD held a board meeting where the board decided to postpone putting the bond on the November ballot at least until May.

TISD Director of Communications, Laura Jackson told KETK, "There are many pressing needs facing our district, so essentially there are a lot of right ways to continue at this point and to implement the projects that are outlined in the long range plan, so they just want to look and make sure that were doing what's best economically, academically, what's best for the commuinty and for Tyler ISD."

Members from Grassroots America were happy to see the bond postponed and told school trustees that there are five ways the district's long range plan is incomplete.

Eisenbach said, "These cost items and academic items need to be addressed prior to going to a bond election."

The five points are:
1) Prove up cost estimates
2) Clarify District's timeline for redrawing attendance zones
3) Prove up an justify proposed new academic delivery system
4) Prove up and justify estimated reduced annual operating costs
5) Address why Tyler ISD has abandoned portions of its 2001 Covenant with the Community regarding academics

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