Tyler ISD bond is voted through


POSTED: Saturday, May 11, 2013 - 9:51pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 6:52pm

On Saturday businesses across Tyler opened their doors to voters for the official voting day on the 2013 Tyler ISD bond. The much talked about bond would kick off six new projects, all for the price tag of one-hundred and sixty point five million dollars.

TISD superintendent Gary Mooring explains this bond will help, "create a new career and education technology center, and  also three new middle schools that will elevate overcrowding."

The heated campaign for this bond began back in February, as organizations such as Grassroots America Tyler urged voters to say no to the bond. JoAnn Fleming of Grassroots America Tyler tells KETK, "We believe this is our only opportunity to make the board and the administration focus on what really matters here, and that is the academic results that we achieve here in the district."

According to today's vote, a majority of Tyler residents do not feel the same way.

The official vote polls say:

63% were for the bond.

37% were against it.

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The PTA moms took on the Grassrot America and won. You know Fleming and her cult of mean-spirted followers from the Flat Earth society didn't see that one coming. They are such bitter losers and they act like the voters agreed to a communist takeover of Smith County instead of building some new facilities so that 11-year olds don't have to walk in the rain, mud, cold, bad weather just to get to their classes.

Exactly the kind of comment I would expect from a fool like you, when someone tells you the truth you don't want to hear it, even if the truth is undeniable.

I'm not the one who rants like a lunatic on the internet, or states publicly I'm afraid of PTA moms with signs supporting public education. Your arguments don't even make sense, it sounds like you are just not feeling well or upset in general.

Take your medication.

Thank you for agreeing Charles. My comments are real. My wife and I are retired teachers. We know the truth and TISD cannot intimidate us. New schools would no be needed if not for the illegal immigrants our tax dollars educate at no cost to them. Our test scores are poor because the minorities and illegal immigrants low test scores bring down the overall average. Nothing is going to cure that. My comments about the Tyler PD comes from personal experience working as a security officer.

academy and become the future cops, highway patrol and sheriff's deputy's who are running around scared of their own shadow. This is why I have a concealed handgun license. I cannot trust any cop to protect my life or that of my family and until they show me I can trust them to respond in less than 45 minutes to an hour and enforce the law when they arrive I will continue to carry my weapon.

LAWYERS, AND BUSINESS PEOPLE. YOU BUY YOU KIDS THIS CRAP AND TURN THEM LOOSE ON SOCIETY. Then when the police or sheriff arrest them, you run down and bail your little darlings out of jail or call you judge friends or the cheif of police and charges aren't filed at all and money is slipped under the table. Then if if somehow they are taken to court, Judge Jack Skeen will let them off with adjudated probation so their record is clear and when and if they graduate, they go to the police

On top of that these punks carry raidos, gps, cell phones and all the electronic gear. They have kids posted up and down broadway, from the mall to Academy. They alert all the hell raising punks anytime a cop car crosses Loop 323 going South. I know, I have seen it personally. Now, who is to blame, YOU STINKING LOW LIFE BOTTOM POND FEEDING SCUM OF PARENTS WHO BUY YOU KIDS THESE BIG TOYS AND STRIVE TO BE THEIR FRIENDS INSTEAD OF BEING THEIR PARENTS. I'M TALKING TO THE RICH DOCTOR'S,

TPD when and if they respond to a call take at least 45 minutes to respond to any disturbance short of a robbery, murder, or rape. Anything else that is their normal response time and they know it is the truth. Then you take these rich parents who buy their kids these 3/4 and 1 ton diesel trucks and pay to have them chipped so they can push 700 - 900 horsepower to race up and down Broadway not to mention the street racers or muscle cars. Tyler, this is what your bond is paying for.

in buildings and better test scores and improved graduation rates, go to the Whataburger on South Broadway between Walmart and Target. You will get a first hand education of what this bond proposal is buying and who it is for. Sit there any Friday or Saturday Night and just watch and listen. Roll down your car windows and listen but I warn you to have a gun in your car. I am a concealed handgun licensee and a level 3 security officer who has worked nights in that area and I know firsthand.

North Tyler looks more like Juarez, Mexico than Tyler, Texas. Teachers scared to walk in a classroom because of these punk gang bangers. South Tyler is now as bad as North Tyler. Check out the crime statistics. Ask yourself this? Would you go to the Walmart on the Loop and 64 at 1:00 a.m. on Saturday morning with your family unarmed? I wouldn't go into the Walmart on South Broadway at 1:00 a.m on Saturday morning unarmed. If you want to see what kind of punks your bond proposal will buy

gangs. You take cops who are scared of their own shadows and Tyler has a whole police force scared of the illegals who sit and write traffic tickets between the two major hospitals yet are scared to go six blocks north of Mother Francis Hospital, especially at night. I know I travel through North Tyler every night late and a cop car is rarely seen. I've heard cops say they were afraid to go to North Tyler. Tyler Cops are no better than the punk gang members they are supposed to arrest.

TISD wouldn't release these percentages because the bond would have been defeated if the citizens who can vote legally knew the truth. Here is another truth. My wife and I are retired teachers. We know that the low test scores that continually declineare not the fault of the teachers but the fault of the decay of the morals in the students and fueled by the gangs running rampant in TISD, (fueled and led by illegal immigrant drug dealers). The police also know this but are afraid of these

This Group, Tyler Proud and the TISD used voter intimidation outside the polling places and threats against teachers and other employees who know where the problems are. My wife and I were subjected to these imtimidations tactics on the last day of early voting. We complained and called KETK but nothing was done. We voted no and proudly. The reason we need more schools is because of the large group of illegal immigrants flooding TISD. TISD knows the percentages of Illegals in TISD.

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