Tyler ISD Bond passes

Tyler ISD Bond passes
Tyler ISD

POSTED: Sunday, May 12, 2013 - 8:14am

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 2:24pm

Tyler Independent School District and the Board of Trustees would like to thank the community for supporting the $160.5 million bond election. Thousands of children in the District will receive their education in safe schools that are designed to support the 21st century of learning.

Over the next two years, Tyler ISD will build a Career and Technical Education Center that will give students from both John Tyler and Robert E. Lee high schools, a new middle school in the southwest quadrant of Tyler, a new middle school at the current Boulter Middle School, a new middle school at the current Moore Middle School, and remodel and additions to Rice and Dixie elementary schools. These facilities are scheduled to be complete by August 2015.

With the input from the community, the Tyler ISD Board of Trustees designed a bond package that would fulfill a commitment to finish renovations at the elementary campuses and begin addressing secondary campuses. The six projects in the bond will help move forward with the District's Long Range Plan. 

By 2020, TISD expects to have additional 2,500 students, bringing the total student population to more than 20,000. The areas of the Long Range Plan that have not been addressed are John Tyler and Robert E. Lee high schools, as well as transitioning to a 5th and 6th intermediate school and a 7th and 8th middle school configuration.

The Long Range Plan will maintain its commitment to support academic progress and create financial efficiencies.

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Great outlook.... But i really hope they also renovate the highschools, Not just ADD another place for "studyding". There are too many middle schools and highschools with TOO MANY portables and rain, shine, freezing temps or record high temps their having to walk to their class.Robert E. Lee students try to shove themselves with in the covered sidewalks to not get wet in a stormy day. PLEASE if the directors of TISD read this PLEASE take considerations in my comment! Dont just add more portables

This bond is to renovate the middle schools and build a new middle school in the SE quadrant of Smith County. The bond also includes remodeling two of the elementary schools, and building a technology/vocational center for both high schools to use. As a result of the bond, there should be no more portables at any of the middle schools. I believe TISD plans to upgrade the high schools, but it will have to be done in another bond. They are doing this incrementally.

It sounds like your problem is with illegal immigrants, not the public schools. I don't see how forcing children to attend schools built in the 1940s and 1950s that are now completely substandard and unsafe are going to do anything to address your problems with illegal aliens, welfare fraud, etc. It sounds like you just want to complain about something, Why don't you just go outside and shout "Get Off My Lawn!!!" to no one in particular.

The only thing TISD accomplished was to spend a lot of taxpayer funds on new schools for illegal mexicans that hang out on north broadway. Simple facts are without these illegals we have more than enough room for students that are american citizens. These illegals have ruined North Tyler, are the root of gang violence in our schools, commit the vast majority of crime in Tyler, clog up our emergency room and collect welfare and food stamps and insult our teachers. You fools voted for this.

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