Tyler ISD plans to march ahead, bond on ballot


POSTED: Thursday, February 21, 2013 - 11:51pm

UPDATED: Sunday, February 24, 2013 - 3:26pm

Tyler ISD held a board meeting tonight to discuss their agenda for added changes for 2013.

TISD has plans to march ahead to put the bond issue on the City of Tyler May's ballot.

Grassroots of America tell KETK, the proposed bond was approved at Thursday night's board meeting and will be on May's Ballot.

KETK attended the meeting and spoke to parents about this proposal .

Administrators, teachers, parents, members of grassroots of America, and the community of Tyler filled the room tonight.

Tyler ISD board proposed a $160 million dollar bond.

Which will fund new buildings and technology to improve learning performance.

They also addressed test scores and and how they are preparing their students for success.

The board welcomed the audience to take the stand and express their thoughts about this proposal.

Parents tells KETK, "The answer isn't always building new buildings, we need to look at what's happening in the classrooms and see how we can change," says Kristi Evans, Parent in Tyler.

"Some of the folks that don't support it, we have a lot of the same interests, we definitely support the success, academic education for our children... absolutely... and discipline, but we also believe a piece of the puzzle... and the success of a child's academic career is current... correct... right size... Facilities, and we just don't have that with our aging facilities and in TISD," Parent in Tyler, President of 'Tyler Proud'.

Tyler ISD reports, they have been working with the City of Tyler to improve schools.

They say, drop-out rates, attendance and test scores have improved.

We will continue to update you on this decision.

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This bond is about more than just building new schools, it's about investing in our children and their future. It's about telling our teachers we value the job they do every day. It's about making our city the best it can be and competing with the top districts in the state. It's about so much more than buildings. It's time for 21st century schools in Tyler. I will vote YES!

You left-out the part "it's about increased property taxes". The US spends far more per student than any other industrialized nation yet ranks 25th out of 34 rated nations. I will vote No, and know my vote was the wise vote for my community.

The people of Tyler need to run the school district, not a small group of naysayers who are against everything and think the moon landing was a giant conspiracy.

I believe you need to laern how to spell, they're not "Naysayers", they are "Taxpayers".

What a load of sand in your eye. Tell these buffoons need to start teaching our children again. The failure of Tyler ISD in academic performance has nothing to do with the facilities. It is time to pay these teachers what they are worth, and that would save a ton of money. Even better, we should replace them with accomplished teachers. I am tired of hearing of what a good job these so-called teachers do, and how much they deserve a raise. 5 day week, 3 months vacation. GIVE ME A BREAK. FIRE EM!

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