Tyler Junior College offering full-time employees 2% raise

Thursday, July 25, 2013 - 5:53pm

Tyler Junior College Board of Trustees approved a 2% raise plus $500 across the board for all full-time employees.

The junior college has not given their full- time employees a pay raise in three years.

"I think we're right in the ball park, we are pleased with the raise," said TJC president Mike Metke.  

More than 500 full-time employees will be taking home a little bit more money this next school year.

The TJC board of trustees unanimously approved a "conservative" pay raise for it's employees for the 2013 - 2014 year.

"There have been no raises now for three or four years and our people have seen the inflation, and we don't want them to fall behind and I'm pleased with the pay increase," said Metke.

Metke says over the last four years, they've had their employees take on new duties, double up their work and tried to restrict any hiring.

"Were being careful with our budget, we're projecting flat enrollment, if it turns out our enrollment is stronger, then we would like to look at something early next year," said Metke. 

Board Member Clint Roxburgh says they wanted to offer more, but stayed in line with what other colleges are doing.

"We need to be fair to our tax payers, we've committed to not raise our tax rate, we're not raising the rate, we're trying to do some other things to help our employees," said Roxburgh.  

Fred Peters has been an employee with the college for 20 years.

Peters says they've had a lot of inflation over the last couple of years, and no increase of pay over that time period.

He says this pay raise is really going to help.  

"I think it's really going to be effective and help the moral on our campus and it has been a couple years," said Peters.

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