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Tyler man killed in morning wreck

POSTED: Monday, January 26, 2009 - 1:46pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 - 2:18pm

TYLER - A Tyler man was killed this morning when his truck slid into a flatbed trailer.

It happened on Highway 155, just north of Grande Boulevard.

Troopers say a Mack truck towing a trailer was trying to back into a business. The pickup driver couldn't tell the trailer was taking up both lanes, and he slammed into it.

Traffic was reduced to one lane in each direction for a couple hours.

69-year-old James Carns died at the scene. No one else was injured.

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I knew the man that was killed in this horrific accident. He was a nice man. If his family should read this my condolences. And i have to agree with what others have said trucks should have a flagger or something to alert other drivers that way something like this doesn't happen....again. My heart goes out to the family.

I am a commercial driver. It is an unavoidable situation to back in or "alley dock" as it is called in the trucking industry. Four way flashers are turned on and then the driver proceeds slowly. Try doing it in rush hour traffic in downtown Chicago, New York, San Fran, Los Angeles or Detroit. If the driver deems it unsafe, then someone from the business should be watching/signaling traffic or the police called to assist in bad weather situations. In those cities I mentioned and you asked for police assistance, they would tell you no and you would just have to proceed cautiously. In closing...
Take note, if there is a truck in the road with hazard flashers on, be aware they may backing up into a driveway or not moving at all. God forbid you drive into the back of a fuel tanker while they are stopped at a rail road crossing as required by law.

Thank you for educating me and I am now more aware

The buisness should be fined as well as the driver for this.There has been to many accidents from trucks trying to back into a buisness that does not have a safe area out of traffic to back into. The driver of the truck should have never attempted to do this.

The visibily that particular morning was very low...so remember that the driver probably had no clue that the truck was even there until it was too late.

To reply, dont drive faster than you can see or react to the conditions. Too many people take driving for granted. I have 15 years of operating semi-trucks in large cities and so far thank goodness without an accedent. I am proactive, keeping an eye on everyone that is driving around me and adjusting my speed to conditions. Its simple comon sense that some people no longer use while operating a vehicle. Dialing a phone, texting, speeding, excessive lane changes and all for what? I see it every day done by so many.

This unfortunate incident should be a lesson to all of us.
Watch the vehicles that are operating around you and adjust your speed to conditions. The speed limit is set ONLY FOR GOOD CONDITIONS with excelent visibility.

why on earth do big trucks think it is ok to back up like this much less in the fog

I know! Why do big trucks like that even have reverse? MORON.

Dear Carl.... You speak of things you do not know....and making statements like "Why do big trucks like that even have reverse?" shows who the MORON truely is. It's a common and legal practice to back into a dock from the street, no different than you backing into a driveway with your car. Everyone has to take responsibility (big dangerous word), the truck driver, the business & the other drivers on the road. If it was foggy like someone previously mentioned, a spotter should have been there.

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