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Tyler man sought for toddler's murder spotted in Dallas

Tyler man sought for toddler's murder spotted in Dallas

POSTED: Thursday, December 23, 2010 - 6:40am

UPDATED: Monday, December 27, 2010 - 10:28am

DALLAS  - The Associated Press and KIII TV in Dallas report that police may have spotted Simon Lopez overnight.  Lopez is Tyler man sought in the death of 1-year-old Jeremy Silva's death.

Police officials say an officer did shoot at Lopez after the 26-year-old tried to grab the offier's gun.  He was spotted at a Dallas hotel.

The officer's gun was fired, but Lopez ran fled the scene.  No officers were hurt and yet reports show it's not known if the suspect was injured.

Lopez has been on the run since November.

Stay tuned to KETK as we update you on this story.

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for someone to kill an innocent baby needs the death penalty it dont matter the color of the person he wasnt the father to that baby he had no right even to dicipline that baby

He's safe as a baby in his mother's arms as long as he confines his movements to any one of Texas's five major metropolitan areas or any of this nation's 135 major metropolitan areas where the 100 million illegal aliens are defined as 30 million by our government.

it is offensive for you to say that this criminal represents all the other honest and hardworking illegal immigrants out there. let me remind you that most of the buildings, roads, and bridges in this great country are built by the hands of those illegals. I think it is about time we start recognizing their contributions to our society and not just focus on the ignorant, and dispicable criminals that just also happen to be in this country illegaly.

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