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Tyler Open Carry Celebration planned for July 4th

Tyler Open Carry Celebration planned for July 4th

POSTED: Wednesday, July 2, 2014 - 8:22am

UPDATED: Monday, August 4, 2014 - 11:39am

After their highly attended Open Carry Celebration in Downtown Tyler on Independence Day of 2013, organizers of Open Carry Tyler are following through with their promise to make the event an annual one.

“This year the theme is an appeal to heaven,” said Open Carry Tyler founder and organizer Stephen Lee.” An Appeal to Heaven” is a reference to a phrase found on the Pine Tree Flag used during the Revolutionary War. “Independence Day is a great day not only to celebrate our freedoms and remember the sacrifices of the past,” said Lee, “but also to renew our plea to God to preserve the values that this great nation was founded upon; namely the unalienable right to Life, Liberty and Property.”

At 9:00 a.m., Open Carry Tyler participants will attend a reading of the Declaration of Independence organized by the Smith County Republican Party prior to their walk. Smith County Republican Party Chairman, Tim McCormick said, “We are always happy to see our fellow Texans exercising their freedoms and rights under the Constitution. We are glad they are joining us in this event celebrating the history of Independence in our nation.” Immediately following the reading open carry participants will walk around the downtown Tyler square seven times before stopping for some readings from the book of Psalms and a brief moment of prayer. “That’s how we will make our appeal to heaven,” said Lee.

“This is a perfect way to celebrate Independence Day,” said Matt Theissen of Tyler. “Our forefathers made their appeal to heaven as armed, free men and we are celebrating the sacrifices they made and the principles they fought for in the same manner,” Theissen went on to say.

Open Carry Tyler is a grassroots group of individuals voluntarily cooperating to organize open carry events throughout East Texas. Open Carry Tyler is not affiliated with Open Carry Texas. Follow Open Carry Tyler on Facebook at

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From here on out I make this pledge. Everytime Smith County Open Carry Texas meets for a public rally I'll be there. Angry-bird made @ US attack drones.

This open carry trend is getting out of control fast, there is no reason for anyone to walk around with a shotgun, rifle, or any other gun for all to see much less go into a business with one. All they are doing is scaring and intimidating people. As if that were not bad enough they have the nerve to bring the Lord into it, now that's just plain wrong and just shows what kind of idiots these people really are. They do not deserve the right to even own a gun.

Thanks.. but no thanks. The OCers have lost my support by waving around rifles and shotguns were they are not appropriate at businesses.

What a crock!
I like Lee Marvin's response when he was asked that as an ex-Marine and playing roles in war movies- he certainly must be a gun owner.
His answer-- "Nope, learned what my (bleep) was for when I was 16, don't need a gun to prove that I'm a man."

Now could someone show the rest of us a copy of God's republican party membership card? Every single one of you is going to have to answer before the God you profess to worship how you've used his name to further your militant agenda... one would caution those who politicize God that this is a BIG mistake! There is no love in your hearts, except for someone else who has the same make and model assault rifle that you do... pitiful!

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