Tyler organization pushes alcohol petition


POSTED: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 1:31pm

UPDATED: Thursday, June 21, 2012 - 5:36pm

Petitions to bring limited alcohol sales to Tyler are now ready for community supporters to sign.

The "Buy Local First" political action committee officially announced the news Wednesday morning.

Now ... the group has 60 days to get enough signatures to put beer and wine ... on November's election ballot.

"I came to sign the petition because I believe it's time for us to choose .. for the voters to say how they feel about the issue," said Tyler resident Janet Fair.

The committee is asking for signatures from those who support limited alcohol sales in Tyler and Smith County Precinct 2 to come to the various locations across tow, and sign their name.

"We're the wettest dry county in the Western Hemisphere ... so why not get some more money and lose a little hypocrisy?" said Blake Bailey.

The committee and city residents gathered Wednesday morning at downtown square to jumpstart their efforts.

"I think its been a long time coming," said Robert Wells. "I think a lot of people are ready for it, and I think it's necessary for Tyler to continue to grow as a community."

In the next 60 days the group must collect 7,800 signatures from registered voters in the city of Tyler, and 6,700 in Precinct 2, which includes southwestern Tyler, Flint, and Bullard.

We did find a few people who won't be signing.

we did find some who probably *won't* be signing this time ...

"I believe by keeping alcohol out of Tyler, we're keeping the crime rate down and undesirables out of the county," said Jo Autin.

"I just think less alcohol, less kids drinking it, less access to it ... that's my opinion," said Mona Grant.

For more information and where to sign the petition, click here.

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would you rather have anybody drive from coffee city or kilgore and start drinking while they are driving. how many times have people gone to a gas station to by a coke and not drink it until they get home..None!!! so it is better to have it here in tyler where people are closer to there house and drink when they get there.. Safely!!!

Some people need to do their research about kids drinking, alcohol availability and crime stats wet vs dry. Y'alls opinions are respected but very mislead.

Howard, Tyler is hardly "dry"

If tyler goes wet that will leave Lindale as the only enclave of Bible-thumpers that is still dry.

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