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Tyler Police Department has new online program to report crimes


POSTED: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 6:56pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, April 10, 2013 - 10:05pm

The Tyler Police Department is adding a new online program to report certain crimes.

The police department says the new program is aimed at saving the public and department money.

The Tyler Police Department is encouraging city residents to fill out a police report online, if it is a crime such as theft, lost property, harassment or vandalism.

Once the person fills out an online report, it will be sent to the department for approval and a case number will be sent back to the person.

"This is on the premise there's no suspect information, all you want to report is your car has been broken into so you get a case number for your insurance and this allows them to do that," said Public Information Officer Don Martin.

Officer Martin says this online program will save the citizen a trip to the police department and the cost of the police report as well as time and money for the department.

"We're thinking this is a win win for the public as well as the police department. It's convenient for them and we certainly hope they will use this."

Officer Martin says it will save the department at least $42 per hour for an officer dispatched to take a report.

Some residents agree this is an efficient system.

"The time that it would take them to come out, you could already be back at home fixing things."

While others still would like to see an officer on scene.

"I just think that they should be on their jobs. We couldn't half do it so why should they."

But, for a small town of about 20,000 like Jacksonville, police chief Reece Daniel says residents wouldn't be too happy if they implemented an online program.

"I can see the necessity and the benefit in a larger jurisdiction but not here," said  Chief Daniel.  

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Sounds like NYC. They refused to come out to investigate car break-ins. Just to petty a crime.

I do suggest all citizens protect themselves and their property as best you can for as the economy gets worse, due to Obamanomics, there will be less and less police protection (the local ones are even running out of bullets in some places for practice.)

Hope and change!

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