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Tyler police gives out vehicle break-in report cards


POSTED: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 5:35pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, December 21, 2011 - 6:21pm

'Tis the season for car break-ins.

Tyler Police tell KETK people should take extra precautions this time of year to keep your vehicle and the  belongings inside safe.

If you see a pink little piece of paper on your car, don't worry, it's not a ticket.

It's just a report card of how "burglar friendly" your car is. Based on what police see, you'll get a "pass" or "fail."

 "This was a way to let people know that you could be a victim," said Officer James McCraw of Tyler Police. "You might want to hide your property or take it out altogether."

Tyler Police has been giving out these report cards for years.

"If we've had some auto burglaries in an area, then were gonna go back and leave report cards on (cars in the area) to see how they're doing after those things have happened," McCraw said. "What were looking for is a lot of loose change, CDs, laptops, wallets, purses, jewelry, guns are stolen quite a bit, and GPS systems and radar detectors."

If the windows are up, the car is locked and your stuff is hidden, you get a pass. But ...

"Probably over half fail," McCraw said. "I think we just get a little bit complacent, some of the items we're leaving are in plain sight."

McCraw says criminals are much less likely to act if they have to really work for it.

"If u practice some good common safety tips a little bit of crime prevention, hopefully the Grinch won't steal Christmas from you," he said.

McCraw adds it's good to get into the habit of writing the serial numbers down of your valuable items, so if they do get stolen, they can possibly be tracked down later and returned to the original owner.

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