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Tyler Pre-Schooler Brings Gun To School

POSTED: Tuesday, September 29, 2009 - 6:21pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 8, 2010 - 2:48am

TYLER - Tyler Police are investigating how a saint gregory pre-schooler managed to make it to school with a gun in her back pack

The gun was found after a child father called his daughter's teacher saying he accidentally left the gun in her back pack.

Tyler Police Spokesman Don Martin says, "The teacher did the correct thing in securing the the gun in a safe manner, and and getting it to the school authorities who basically turned it over to us for investigating."

Authorities say, the child's mother was not notified until the child told her Monday afternoon.

Saint Gregory did send a letter home with the kids notifying other parents of what happened.

Police are still investigating the incident

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Can you not read? The father called the school to tell the teacher, who then secured the weapon, and called the police, who then took the weapon for investigation. Calm down.

"St. Gregory sent out a notification, saying a parent told them he inadvertently left his holster and gun in his child's overnight bag." How does a concealed handgun instructor, NRA-Certified Instructor and Training Counselor, and nationally-trained 4-H Shooting Sports instructor trainer and lawyer inadvertently leave his loaded weapon in a 4 year olds overnight bag? Does this so called instructor not have his own bag for his LOADED gun? If I was to inadvertently send my handgun to school in my 2nd graders bag would the school contact me to pick the gun up or would they contact the local police department. Im almost positive the police department would be the ones contacting me with hand-cuffs in hand. In this case it was the school who contacted the "PARENT??" to come retrieve the LOADED gun, I would hope my school wouldn't be handing a loaded gun back to the hands of a irresponsible gun owner. Just because one is a lawyer and does alot for the community does that give them rights to put kids in such great danger? The "what if's" here are endless and the outcome could have been deadly, how can one whose duties are to instruct others the proper ways to store guns be so irresponsible?..........


Outraged parent and gun owner

i agree

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