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Tyler Rose Marathon

Tyler Rose Marathon
Sunday, October 13, 2013 - 5:05pm

East Texans laced up, filled the Rose Garden and took to the streets of Tyler for 'Tyler Rose Marathon'.

The 2-day Tyler Rose race attracted a large crowd to the Rose Garden for the K, Half-Marathon, Marathon and Junior Rose Race.

Cliff Couch, Race Announcer tells KETK, "We've got somewhere around 1300 runners, over 1000 in the half-marathon running 13.1 miles and another 250 plus running 26 miles and 385 yards."

Couch says, it's the largest running event in Tyler and it's region-wide.

KETK spoke to East Texans as they finished their race.

"It was a little difficult, a lot of hills, wasn't expecting that," says Phillip Brundridge, half-marathon runner.

"I've never done one before and I figured my hometown was the way to start," says Carrie Murphy, half-marathon runner.

"I loved it, it was great, the organization was outstanding, I usually run in Houston, the only change is that...Houston is a lot flatter than this one, the hills... the hills were a little tough," says Drew Starnes, half-marathon runner.

Following the race, awards were given and food was served.

"It takes an entire community to put on a race like this, we've got sponsors, we got people that are bringing out family spectators out on the course and it makes for a great environment and there's nothing better than Tyler aside from the Rose Garden, and the wonderful forest of East Texas, it's just a great town," says Couch.

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