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Tyler Rose Marathon staff member mugged in Canton


POSTED: Sunday, October 7, 2012 - 4:00pm

UPDATED: Thursday, October 11, 2012 - 10:21am

The Tyler Rose Marathon kicked off early Sunday morning starting at the Tyler Rose Garden.

Participants could choose to run the full 26.2 mile marathon, the 13.2 half marathon, or the 5K.

Race director Mallory Jones-Fiske tells KETK they'll find out how many people ran when they post results on the web.

"We had about 2,000 register and the weather's fantastic for running so I'd assume most everybody showed up," Jones-Fiske said.

Melissa Palmer and her friends drove in from Shreveport this morning.

The hilly Tyler terrain made for a challenging run for them..a challenge they were up for.

"But it's's an absolutely gorgeous course.  I did it last year and I talked them into coming and doing it this year," Palmer said.

But unfortunately, the race was delayed for a short time Sunday morning, because one of the race staff members from Ohio bringing brand new timing equipment became the victim of a crime while making a pit stop in Canton.

"My understanding is a couple of guys basically mugged him and injured him.  They broke a couple of his ribs and sent him to the hospital," Jones-Fiske said.

She says they sent another staff member to pick up the equipment allowing the race to go on as planned.

"Luckily the police, they think they found the suspects.  So we're excited about that but, you know obviously, he's at the hospital taking care of his injuries now," she said.


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What an outstanding race day...kuddo's to the organizers of the event, the police and EMS personnel who kept the runners safe, those who saw the runners off the starting line and stayed to cheer on the finishers of their respective races, and to all the great folks who came from far and wide to enjoy the challenge of the Rose Marathon/Half Marathon/5K runs. Ol' chuck hasn't a clue about the joys of life, or the tragedy of an innocent person being assaulted...but roses to Tyler for a great day!!

As an aside, ol' Charles had made a nasty comment regarding the staffer who was mugged and had to be admitted to the hospital...after writing the moderators of KETK sites, they removed his comment from this post. If you find someone who is chronically offensive on any KETK issue site, go to "contact us" and voice you objection...eventually they will see what you're seeing and do the right thing. Thank you, KETK.

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