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Tyler roses suffering from too much precipitation

Kirsten Glavin

POSTED: Wednesday, July 23, 2014 - 6:03pm

UPDATED: Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 9:14am

Roses need roughly 6-8 hours of sunlight along with proper air circulation to thrive during the summer months. But in addition to ideal ground conditions, the life and health of a rose is dependent on its watering schedule.
Because this summer has been off to a wet start, over-watering has been a common occurrence in the gardens.

"I always will welcome good rain, but a little too much can cause problems," says Ron Hill, a Texas Master Certified Nursery Professional at Chamblee's Rose Nursery.

Roses should be watered twice a week in the summertime. Although a lot of vegetation is dependent on an abundance of water, roses are an exception.

James Wilhite, owner of Wilhite Landscaping and Lawn Care, said, "Roses like it to be a little bit dryer. they don't necessarily want to starve for water, but water, on their foliage, tends to cause fungus problems."

In order to avoid over-watering, ron hill suggests turning off the sprinkeler system when it rains outside, and giving the roses one week before watering them again. This can help prevent fungus.

Still, too much rainfall can cause ideal conditions for fungal growth.

"We don't want the fungus on them, we want them to be beautiful. Nice big pretty flowers. Well if we have as much rain as we had this year, with the cool temperatures, which is the perfect scenario for fungus, you can have a lot of fungus on your roses," Wilhite said.

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