Tyler tattoo parlor shooting...but why?


POSTED: Tuesday, December 6, 2011 - 10:35pm

UPDATED: Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 8:47pm

What began as a drive-by shooting in Tyler is apparently a rivalry between two competing tattoo parlors.

The shooting took place at the 13th Step Tattoo parlor on Fifth Street in Tyler...just before 2 this afternoon.

The owner of 13th Step Tattoo had just stepped out for a cup of coffee.

Police say shortly after that, more than 10 rounds were shot into the empty building from a truck.

Right next door, Oscar Ordorica was opening up his restaurant and saw the whole thing.

"I jumped back in my vehicle, I seen them taking off -- so I got right behind them, well, not right behind them but I got the first 3 license plate [numbers] and I tried to chase them down and by that time, they took all the stop signs, so I just gave up and came back to my restaurant and called the police," Ordorica said.

The owner's mother, who declined to appear on camera, says while her son was gone for coffee, a not-so-mysterious phone call came in to the shop.

"Yes, he received a phone call from a competitor, and said that someone was on his way to 'shoot him up,' his Mother said.'

She says the location where the call came from clearly appeared on the caller ID.

So after police quickly found the 3 suspects parked on Vine Street-- 24-year-old Steven Ratliff, 40-year-old John Currier, and a third suspect who has not yet been named -- KETK did a little digging.

According to Ratliff's Facebook page, he is the co-owner of "Addictive Pleasures" the new tattoo parlor off of the loop in Tyler.

We asked the owner of 13th Step's mother why she thought something like this happened.

"Jealousy kills and I think their jealousy just over wrought them, like I said they're emotionally and mentally distraught, they're not stable people," his mother said. 

But whatever the reason, she says the fact that her son wasn't killed in the shooting is a blessing from God.

"Someone was watching over him.  The angels were all about this place, and I just can't say enough about how thankful I am that my son is breathing and living and that we can continue on with business," she said.

We asked the owner's mother if this was the first time something like this had ever happened concerning the other shop owners because we suspected there must have been some sort of previous bad blood.

But she says -- no, this is the first time.

Tyler police say they are still investigating today's shooting.

Stay tuned to KETK for the latest updates.

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get off steven nuts. hes amazing and has got balls !!!!!

i heard that the Sons of Texas biker gang whom the owner of the 13th Step Tattoo parlor is a member, put a knife to Steven Ratliff's throat and almost killed him. This is obviously what happens when you play with fire. You cannot act like a holligan thug and be involved in this kind of life style and not expect these kinds of things to happen to you. Get real, stop playing the victim and own up to your own actions.

"did a little digging..."

fox news would be proud.

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