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Thursday, March 26, 2015 - 10:53pm

Union Grove ISD "Whatever force necessary"

Union Grove ISD

POSTED: Friday, May 10, 2013 - 10:13pm

UPDATED: Wednesday, May 15, 2013 - 3:24pm

This week the 2-a district Union Grove put up a large sign outside their schools stating that their staff is armed and will --quote-- "Use whatever force necessary" to protect their students.

Community support for the school has been overwhelming since they voted to allow licensed and trained teachers and administrators to carry a firearm on campus back in January.

Any employee that decides to carry a firearm in the school must also complete crisis intervention training and a hostage situation management course.

What do you think about this new sign?

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To all the know-nothings complaining about the grammer, THE GRAMMAR IS CORRECT.

"Staff" is a collective noun, and may be either singular or plural based on its usage. If the use implies all units of the group acting in concert, then the noun is singular. If the use implies the individuals are acting separately, then the noun is plural.

In this case, since not all of the staff is armed, then the individual staffmembers are acting individually. The collective noun is plural in usage.

I totally agree with this sign and for everyone to be able to protect our kids and adults. Why should we let the government kill our Americans by taking away our rights. All that will do is make us law abiding citizens be just as crooked as the criminals.

Best solution to a problem that ain't going away. Let's do it in all of Smith County, Texas.

So, Charles, stay away!!!

Thank you Alphatu99 in response to Howard!!! My son is fighting for your right to be an idiot!!! He is a Sargent in the Air Force and is in University studies
making the top grade in his field of study!! What have you done Howard!!!?? OH, did I mention that he graduated from UG and many of his class mates are also serving to defend your right to voice your opinion of this wonderful school district.

I am so proud of Union Grove schools! My grandchildren attend these schools and I thank God that they do. And, Charles, do you live such a sad life that all you have to do is post negative comments? Too bad. Go, Union Grove!!!

..and right a wrong when I see it.

Our individual responses deserve to be respected whether we agree or disagree; however, even GOD allows each of us FREE WILL so shouldn't we? Or do we disagree and seek to impose our will against another's?

We move along our respective individual journies with our hearts full of love or fear and so I would imagine our reactions would either be love based or fear based. Fortunately, we are all blessed with the freedom to choose either love or fear.

I prefer love or seek it always.


Sure hope UG's gun training is better than their grammar usage! . JS

Charles I for one am proud to be from Union Grove. Think what you may but we are constantly hearing about bad people doing bad things every day. Will it happen at our little school, I sure hope not. But the fact that our Superintendent, School Board, and Staff believe our kids are important enough to protect makes me even more proud to say I'm from Union Grove. This sign is just a fair warning that we will protect our school and kids!

Such a good idea that every door-mat in UG should have "welcome" removed and a similar sign put up instead. It's not like the natioal "Gun free- Drug free zone" signs worked either. Indoctrinated America gets crazier everyday.

This just shows how little education is available at this school. The noun "staff" is singular, but they used a plural verb, "are". Public education is a farce.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but as a proud educator working in the "farce," I felt compelled to clear this up.
The word "staff" is a collective noun.
If the collective noun (in this case, "staff") is acting as a single unit, use of a singular verb is correct. For example, "The staff is very energetic today." However if the collective noun is meant to highlight the actions of individuals who are all doing different things, use of the plural verb is correct. Grammar 101, and you're incorrect.

This is awesome. I served in 3 wars. My team never let me down. Union Grove, you are awesome.

I think this is wonderful. It's about time!!!

Good idea

How strange this new America has become.

I am an alumni of Union Grove and I think they are brave and very caring toward their students safety. I say WTG UG

As a Union Grove taxpayer and grandmother who has four granddaughters who are students there, I'm delighted with the sign and with the district's decision.

Oh I understand now, that the children attend schools so violent it is WTG UG to place a sign threatening to shoot and kill someone is appropriate, I no longer drive through a school zone, it's a war zone and America is now the "Twighlight Zone".

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