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University salaries undercut budget arguments

Thursday, February 28, 2013 - 7:37pm

In the last legislative session there were some tough cuts to education budgets.
$12-billion was cut from public schools, and from the state university system, $1-billion.
Colleges and universities have been lobbying to restore that money claiming they are having trouble making do without steep tuition hikes.
But according to the Dallas Morning News, making do apparently doesn’t involve cutting or even freezing the salaries of top administrators.
These are the salaries of the top 3 university system presidents.
And each of them gets perks like a housing allowance, car allowance, cell phones and such.
In the case of the University of Houston President Renu Khator, it takes her pay over the million dollar mark.
This at a time when since 2003, college tuition has risen an average of 55%
Take for example, the University of Texas at Tyler.
The President is among the lowest paid in the UT system at $350,000 a year, but he does have 7000 students to look after.
Most of that comes from tuitions, tax money, gifts and grants.
But put that in perspective. The Mayor of Dallas, a city of 1.2 million makes $107,000 a year. The Mayor of Houston, with 2 million citizens, makes $209,000. And the Mayor of New York City, a city of 19 million, $225,000 a year.
Even the President only makes $400,000.
Thought the University President’s salary is a small part of the budget, do they have any awareness of how this looks to parents paying steep tuitions and acquiring mountains of debt?
And while other state or professorial salaries are virtually stagnant, administrators salaries keep on growing.
The Morning News today said in an editorial that the state should restore the education money.
But these administrators ought to be better stewards of that money.

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