UPDATE: Church of Wells members injured following physical fight during community parade

Tuesday, April 8, 2014 - 2:16pm

— UPDATE: After months of being silent regarding the Catherine Grove Controversy 'Church of Wells' members are speaking out after three church members, Sean Morris (Elder of the church) Taylor Clifton, and Randall Valdez were injured following a physical altercation Saturday afternoon during the Wells community homecoming parade, according to a report filed by the Cherokee County Sheriff's office. Wells' residents, Kenneth Hunt, and Dantrel Casel were the other two man involved in the altercation, according to the report.

Controversy continues to swarm the tiny two square mile town of Wells. On Saturday during the parade eye witnesses in attendance say, church members were street preaching or, 'open-air' preaching during the parade; this is also stated in the report filed by The CCSO. Witnesses say Wells church members, Clifton, Valdez and others, were preaching "harshly" and screaming, "You're going to hell" to children, parents, and parade-goers. Clifton and Valdez were standing on the lawn of their private residence when they were preaching, according to the report by the Sheriff's office of Cherokee County.  That's when Morris approached a Sheriff's deputy to speak to him about the rights of the church members for preaching, where they could and could not stand.

Hunt and Casel were issued a citation for disorderly conduct following the fight; However no charges were filed against them. Morris, Clifton and Valdez did not fight back, according the report by the Sheriff's office, and refused medical treatment. The Cherokee County Sheriff's office says the church members did not break any laws.

Morris, Elder of the Church of Wells, about the incident. Morris said, "There was no insulting, no threats, no mockery, and absolutely no focus on children. Our preaching focus was on the adults. We were preaching the gospel. This town is steeped in crime, drugs, and religious hypocrisy and we care about their souls, so we open air preached the gospel message like Jesus did!"

Morris goes on to tells KETK News,"Taylor (Clifton) was pounded in the face without raising a hand in defense, his face bloody and dripping, his heart swelled with forgiveness." Morris said, "I was hit, head butted, and tackled to the ground by a man, and am at present unable to walk."

However, community members of Wells recall the event differently than Morris. One eye-witness says, Morris was not out there preaching at the beginning. As soon as he came out of the house, one resident tells us, "You would have thought it was Jesus Christ himself walking outside because the other guys became silent and let Morris start yelling." They also say Morris was never hit repeatedly. Once he stepped on the road, the eye-witness says Morris was punched once in the jaw. He also told KETK News the Wells Volunteer Fire Department began blaring their sirens to drown out the screaming by church members prior to the fight.

The controversial 'Church of Wells' and it's members have appeared on KETK News and National news networks over the last 10 months. To read more on the Church of Wells please see KETK Nicole Vowell's report here: (VIDEO) http://www.ketknbc.com/news/26-year-old-disappears-from-home-parents-fin...

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