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UPDATE: 'Explosion' heard before Jacksonville business went up in flames

Jacksonville Fire Dept.

POSTED: Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 12:08pm

UPDATED: Sunday, April 28, 2013 - 1:34pm

UPDATE: Fire officials tell KETK that they have not started their investigation due to several hot spots and areas still smoking.

Officials say that the walls are unstable and worry that they will collapse during investigation.

At this time they are waiting until the scene cools down before they start further investigations.

No businesses received any fire damage but did receive water damage. Officials are not sure how long the businesses will be closed.


UPDATE: Jacksonville Fire officials tell KETK crews on scene that there were no injuries in the fire at Yum Yum restaurant at the intersection of Main Street and Commerce St. in Jacksonville in the early morning hours on Sunday. The fire broke out some time before 1:30 am.

Two people live in a loft apartment above the restaurant, but they escaped unharmed.

Authorities say that the residents reported hearing an explosion in the business downstairs before it went up in flames.

The fire began to spread to a bed and breakfast behind Yum-Yums, so firefighters evacuated that building.

Businesses nearby received residual damage from the flames.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

ORIGINAL STORY: Authorities with Jacksonville Fire Department tell KETK, there is a large fire in Jacksonville.

The fire is at the intersection of Main Street and Commerce St. and multiple businesses are involved. Several fire departments are on scene.

Authorities tell us that there have not yet been any injuries reported.

KETK has a crew on scene. We will update as soon as additional information becomes available.

Photos below were sent to us by KETK viewer Patty Holt:

The following photo was sent to us by KETK viewer Jaquita Sizemore:

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We share a common wall at the back of their property. We know we have smoke and water damage and our daughter and son in law live in the loft (formerly a bed & breakfast) above LOVE'S NEST. Firemen alerted them and got them out but they had to leave their kitties behind and both cats died of smoke. Power is off now so we are unable to assess the damage but bricks were scatered all over the alley.
Susie Ripkowski
AVON Store @ Love's Nest

We do not know exactly what businesses are affected at this point but we do know businesses surrounding Yum Yum's have received residual damage.

Anybody know for sure what business's are affected at this point

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