UPDATE: Former JP Eric Williams questioned in DA murder case

Mugshot from: Kaufman County Jail / Video from: CNN

POSTED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 8:02am

UPDATED: Monday, April 15, 2013 - 1:47pm

Authorities say there are "no suspects" yet

UPDATE (April 15th): NBC News reports that former Kaufman County JP Eric Williams is being questioned as a person of interest in the murders of District Attorney Mike Mclelland, his wife, Cynthia, and County Prosecutor, Mark Hasse.

However, authorities with the Kaufman County Sheriff's Office the case tell NBC News that "Mr. Williams has not been charged with any murder (no one has been charged for the murders), and we have not named any suspects, prime suspects, or persons of interest in the case - despite what some DFW outlets reported last night. The investigation continues and all leads and tips continue to be worked."

In an interview with CNN, Pete Schulte, a Kaufman County attorney, said, "I very much believe that Mr. Williams, if he's involved in this case, didn't act alone. I think the two crime scenes from the first assistant D.A., Mark Hasse, killed in January, and of course the Mcclelland scene, they're very different scenes. One was very cleaned up. The other one a lot of forensic was left. The most important thing about that crown vic that may explain why the mcclelland's opened the door that night. In a county the size of kaufman it's not uncommon for a police officer to go by the d.a.'s house to ask for assistance on a search warrant or arrest warrant, so that may have been the ruse to get the mcclellands to open the door. I think that's a very important piece of evidence."

KETK will continue to update this story as the details emerge.

UPDATE (April 14th): State and FBI agents are investigating the killings of two Texas prosecutors were searching a storage unit near Dallas on Saturday.

Detectives did not identify the renter of the unit they searched, but they did say it was connected to the investigation.

Earlier Saturday, authorities had arrested Eric Williams on two counts of insufficient bond and one count of making a "terroristic threat".

Williams' home was searched Friday as federal and local investigators looked for clues in the deaths of Kaufman Country District Attorney, Mike Mclelland, Cynthia Mclelland, and County Prosecutor, Mark Hasse.

Williams is a former Kaufman County Justice of the Peace with ties to the victims.

He has been questioned in the case, but so far authorities have not announced any arrests or charges directly related to the murders.


We have confirmed with Kaufman County Jail that Eric Williams was arrested last night for terroristic threats.

At this time he remains in Kaufman County Jail on a $1 million bond.


Federal, state and local authorities investigating the deaths of two Texas prosecutors executed a search warrant Friday afternoon at the home of a former Kaufman County justice of the peace, an FBI spokeswoman said.

Katherine Chaumont told CNN that an FBI team was part of the Friday afternoon search at the home of Eric Williams.

Williams last year was convicted of burglary and theft by a public servant, and was sentenced to two years' probation.

Mark Hasse, chief felony prosecutor in the county, was gunned down January 31 outside the courthouse. Hasse prosecuted the Williams case.

Hours after Kaufman County District Attornney Mike McLelland and his wife, Cynthia, were found dead March 30 at their Forney home, investigators met at a local Denny's restaurant with Williams, his attorney told CNN earlier this month.

Investigators took swab samples from Williams' hand to test him for gun residue, Williams' attorney, David Sergi, said. Results were not made public by authorities but Sergi said the tests were negative.

On Friday, Sergi released a statement saying that Williams "has cooperated with law enforcement and vigorously denies any and all allegations. He wishes simply to get on with his life and hopes that the perpetrators are brought to justice."

Earlier this month, Williams told North Texas TV station KXAS he understood why authorities would want to meet with him after the McLellands' death.

"If I was in their shoes, I would want to talk to me," Williams said. "In the investigators' minds, they want to check with me to do their process of elimination."

Williams said he has cooperated with law enforcement.

"I certainly wish them the best in bringing justice to this incredibly egregious act," he said.

Williams told the station he has no ill will toward prosecutors, saying they were "doing their jobs."

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If he is found to be quilty, he should get the death penalty and make it quick, just the way the DA and his wife were killed. What kind of person is he? What pain to all, those terrible deaths have caused. The person or persons responsible should not live. It would be nice if they saved the state the cost of a trial; just confess and then save the state the cost of housing them, but that would be too humane.

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