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Monday, March 30, 2015 - 10:32pm

UPDATE: Holly Lake stabbing: investigation continues


POSTED: Thursday, September 23, 2010 - 6:30pm

UPDATED: Monday, December 22, 2014 - 12:54pm

WOOD COUNTY-- A Wood County man dies at his Holly Lake Ranch home Wednesday night.  55-year-old Cecil Fulfer Jr. was found with a single knife wound in his chest, and investigators are working to find out what happened.  Wood County Sheriffs say his body was sent off for autopsy.

As part of their investigation, Sheriffs are interviewing neighbors.  Sgt. Kilan Polk of Wood County Sheriff's Department says, "We're talking to neighbors and friends.... trying to get a better hold on what happened last night."

Mr. fulfer was previously arrested twice for public intoxication.

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I was just thinking of my uncle and came across this horrible article again. More than a year later & still nothing! No news from detectives, still no retraction, apology, or update on this news article. It just hurts all over again. Cecil was a great, respected, & loving friend & family member to all. He lost his life because he gave help to someone he shouldn't have, who most of us wouldn't have, because he was a better person than most of us & he's treated like this?! He deserves more.

I am still appalled at how this homicide was mishandled from the beginning. Cecil was the VICTIM here, not the perpetrator, yet the Sheriff's Dept and KETK obviously judged him and found him guilty of some offense. I cannot believe NOT ONE LEAD has been found as to who did this heinous crime. Pray to God that nothing like this happens in your own family and you are treated in the same manner. Shame on you all for not being able to see beyond your own narrow, juvenile, redneck prejudices.

I would like to know what, if anything, was invested to try and find the killer. This story make one think that the news and police have passed judgement on the value of Cecil's life, and it is not worth the effort to bring this murderer to account. If KTEK wanted to do a sensational story, maybe they should expose what has or has not been done, to remove the killer from the population at large.

I retract the part in my message about the story being updated March 12, 2011. That was the previous comment posted on this story. Still you guys should be ashamed of your reporting. What does his 2 previous PI's have to do with him being stabbed in his home?? I see no relation. Sounds a little like defamation of character to me. I guess my uncles life being stolen from him by some piece of pestilent murdering scumbag running around in Wood Co. wasn't a big enough story for you??

I wanted to say thank you all for the kind comments that each of you have written about my uncle. He truly was a wonderful man!! As you can see, this station has STILL not removed nor updated the picture they have on here of my uncle, despite the photos we have sent him, the sheriffs dept. have sent him or even his DL pic.& according to this article they did an update on March 12, 2011. NICE KETK!!! Nice work!! You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for the disrespect you show in your work!

Cecil was a very dear friend of mine when we did the outdoor musical TEXAS! in Palo Duro Canyon, TX. in 1973. We kept in touch sporadically thru the years as Cecil was hard to keep up with but always tried to catch up with each other,however, about 2002 I lost all track of Cecil. My heart is broken to find out that such a bright star has been extinguished and treated so ignominiously. He deserved MUCH more. I miss you, my talented friend. I know you're choreographing the angels now.

dear neice or nephew, thank you for writing in. I agree that Cecil must not have known that so many people held him in a special personal regard. I wanted you to know that I had called the police and spoke to the detective (?) that was assigned to the case, and he was not able to tell me anything, because I was not family. Fair enough. I don't know anything else I can do individually, to advocate for resources to resolve this. I don't blame the family if they just want closure. best wishes,

I worked with Cecil in The Mitzi Gaynor Show back in the 80's. He was a wonderful dancer. I remember him as a quiet guy. He was also in the movie A Chorus Line as a dancer. So sorry to hear about his death.

Greg Mowry

KETK's news really either didn't work very hard to gather information on this tragic, but newsworthy event, or was just downright lazy. A reporter, a professional reporter, delves deeper into a story before choosing how to report it. Your station let down your viewers and the community you're licensed to serve by not taking the time to report that the community lost a talented and lovely citizen, victim of a heinous crime. Shame on you. Rise above the average, cookie cutter, lightweigts.

Cecil's family requested you to remove this "Yellow Journalism" picture and use a RECENT picture of him instead. Obviously your station is more interested in sensationalism than in honest reporting. Cecil was a brilliant and talented retired 40 year show business professional and teacher. Did you bother even "Googling" his name?
Why use this insulting picture of a VICTIM of a heinous crime instead of his DL picture? Search hard and find some decency to report the CURRENT TRUTH..Shameful.

Ashley Aldrich, I suggest that you research
your subject before you mislead your readers.
There are a thousand good things that could be said of Cecil.You and your station owe his family and friends an apology.

Cecil came from a solid home,
a loving Mother who adored her family and a strong, caring Father who Cecil lost when he was barley a teenager.Cecil will be missed.

Another thing, the next time you deliver a tragic story, try and wipe that smile off you face

This news station should be ashamed. His past PI had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with this crime. He is not a criminal, he did nothing wrong. HE was attacked and yet you are alluding that he deserved it. You make no mention of the work he did teaching at the Dance/Martial Arts studio in Hawkins. or of his MANY accomplishments in the theatre, on Broadway and around the world. This is a disgusting, hurtful and unprofessional broadcast. You also use a mug shot from years ago & not his DL photo.

I agree with the previous comments. You have NO idea who this man was or how many lives he touched. How dare you make this out to look like this was in ANY way his fault. He is the VICTIM!!! Give me your email Ashley & I will send you his resume & his pictures. If your going to report on bull allow me to tell you who this man REALLY is & take down the crap that happened yrs ago. This has NOTHING to do with ANY of this & even if it did it was a PI not a DWI,burglary,etc. This is BLASPHEMY!!!

Cecil was a brilliant, kind, generous and loving person with a lifetime full of amazing accomplishments, and the only picture you could come up with was a mug shot from years ago?

How will the fact that this man was arrested for public intoxication almost 10 years ago help catch his killer? This news station has never been very high quality, but this just sounds like they think he deserved it. KETK needs to learn how to do their job as a NEUTRAL news station keeping the community informed. How crass and unprofessional. They should be ashamed.

What does previous public intoxication have to do with his stabbing?

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