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Saturday, December 27, 2014 - 9:53pm

Update: Lawsuit against Wood County motto "In God We Trust" dismissed


POSTED: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 9:43am

UPDATED: Tuesday, October 16, 2012 - 6:30pm

UPDATE: A hearing in Quitman Tuesday has resulted in the dismissal of the lawsuit in Wood County because Charles Scott, who was suing the county, did not show up for the hearing. Scott has the option to appeal the lawsuit.

Rosalie Howerton is in charge of the Texas chapter of a group called 'In God We Trust America.'

They started in California and have succesfully gotten the words posted in public buildings nationwide...about a year ago, Wood County posted them in their commissioners courtroom.

But according to the Wood County newspaper, a fellow named Charles Scott who lives in Hawkins filed suit against the county in May...claiming it's unconstitutional.

"This is our national motto put in place by the congress in 1956 during Eisenhower's administration and in fact just a year or so ago it was re-voted on by the congress to continue it to be our national motto," Howerton said.

This week, a group called the Liberty Institute has filed a motion to stop the lawsuit.

"The Supreme Court and numerous appellate courts have held that displaying the national motto 'In God We Trust' is constitutional.  And the supreme court has also held that opening sessions with prayer is a constitutional practice," said Erin Leu with the Liberty Institute.

They tell KETK they have a hearing set for October...

But not everyone feels like they do...

A group in the Dallas area called the 'Church of Freethought' prides themselves in not telling people what to believe in.

They support the lawsuit...

"It's a government endorsement of a theological doctrine.  I mean it's as simple as that, it's a government endorsement of a theological doctrine which the government has no business doing," said pastor Thomas Gorsky.

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Hey, Katie, millions of people all over the world are doing just fine without God, including 20% of the people in the USA. People world wide are becoming less and less superstitious as time goes by.

A nation that allows a private bank to print it's currency and charge interest to that nation for the use of that currency will always be a slave of that private bank. Truly, debt is a good thing for the Federal Reserve Private Bank, the greater the debt, the more the American taxpayer is on the hook to pay in interest. Both Obama and Romney take large campaign donations from Goldman-Sachs, the Federal Reserve's go-between to the US Treasury. You can't lose control when both candidates are yours

I propose a new law. From now on when a person files a lawsuit against God. I am in favor of the state of Texas to give these people what they want. That is a one way ticket to Cuba, Russia etc. Any place besides the United States of America. They can go to China. They don't like God in these countries and they would feel at home. By the way. They can not come back to America. A one way ticket. All expenses paid. We'll see how they are doing in a few years without God.

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