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UPDATE: Man in custody after standoff in Fruitvale

UPDATE: Man in custody after standoff in Fruitvale

POSTED: Friday, November 25, 2011 - 8:24am

UPDATED: Monday, November 28, 2011 - 2:56pm

38-year-old Michael Jackson was arrested Friday morning at his home near Fruitvale on attempted capital murder charges following a 10-hour standoff in which he fired more than 100 rounds.

The standoff started about midnight when Jackson called the Van Zandt County Sheriff's office to report that someone was breaking into his home.

That's when Jackson pointed his gun at officers and fired at least 100 rounds in the house.

Officers from Van Zandt and Smith County sheriff's departments, Wills Point, Canton, Grand Saline and Tyler police departments, Texas Rangers, Department of Public Safety officers, county constables, and various fire and ambulance responders worked together to bring Jackson out of his home.

Officers shot 30 rounds of gas into the house, but it had no effect.

A friend of Jackson's arrived in an armored vehicle from the Tyler Police Department and talked Jackson out of the house.

The investigation is ongoing. Officers are executing a search warrant to retrieve the guns used in the offense.

Information from The Longview News-Journal.

Van Zandt Sheriff officials tell us the standoff has ended.

It started around midnight.

Authorities say one man has been taken into custody.

Van Zandt County Sheriff officials tell KETK, they are on the scene of a standoff in the town of Fruitvale.

The standoff is taking place at a location on CR 1906, near Hwy. 80.

Details are limited at this time, but officials tell KETK the standoff has been going on for several hours.

KETK will update this story as more information comes in.

Information from Van Zandt County Sheriff

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What was the Tyler Police Department doing way up there? Don't we have enough crime in Tyler to keep them busy? Maybe we have more officers than we need!

They would have had the CIA there if they weren't already busy flying drones into hospitals in Pakistan.

Let's see if we understand; Someone unknown to the homeowner tries to gain forcible entry into the residence. The owner takes the responsible action to alert the authorities. Meanwhile the assault on the homeowner by the yet unidetified assailants continues and in fear of his life the homeowner responds with deadly force. Confused from numerous gas gernades shot into the residence the homeowner baricades himself beneath blankets and hides for nearly 10 hours until a familiar voice explains wasup

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